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Confident mature male manSince antiquity, the male penis has always been given the sort of importance that no other organ in the body ever enjoyed.

You will find a thousand or million phallic representations around the world.

A highly interesting poetic fable gives the sexual nature of the penis a whole new meaning: it talks of the division of one person into two halves ñ man and woman ñ and the act of penetration is their struggle to reunite.

More than just being a basic necessity of nature, the act of getting together to quench the sexual tension and desire has taken predominance.

This may perhaps be the reason why many a discussion on male sexuality leads to the size of the penis. The penis varies in size and the average erect penis is anywhere between 5 and 6 inches in length, with the circumference being 5 inches.

The shape and size of the penis may vary from person to person, but it is a symbol of masculinity for all men.

The manifestation of an intense desire to possess a bigger penis affects men psychologically.

In spite of being blessed with the largest primate penis; the obsession for a bigger penis occupies the minds of men and continues to grow.

This relentless pursuit had to bear fruit and it did with the birth of the penis enlargement industry. The tremendous growth of this industry is proof of the attempts men are willing to make to achieve gains in their manhood.

The Internet opened a million doors with a wide range of penis enlargement products from different manufacturers. There is no other industry that is comparable in growth as penis enlargement.

Before we get down to discussing the alternatives available to increase penis size, let us first take a look at why this is happening.

The mark of masculinity in men

An old story goes that female vultures stopped in the midst of their flight and opened their private part to be impregnated by the wind. Fortunately for us men, women seek the male penis and not air.

The purpose of the male penis is reproduction and this can be achieved even with a small sized penis. The human ejaculate is expelled powerfully and covers a distance of about two feet. This is good enough for a woman to conceive, fulfilling the main role of the penis in reproduction.

After years in the business of menís sexuality, I know that while their reproductive capacity is important for men; what bothers them the most is their ability to satisfy the woman who wants to enjoy the act of making love as much as a man does.

Men are fixed on the idea that the bigger their penis, the better their performance in bed. I have discussed this with many men who wanted to increase the size of their penis, and most of them wanted to get it done only for a better sexual experience.

What makes them feel that larger is better?

When I probed further, I got many of them to tell me things that really made sense. They feel that a bigger sized penis can fill the vagina and a longer penis can reach the inner erotic parts, giving the woman maximum satisfaction.

They are right because we don’t really have sex only for the purpose of reproduction. One of the primary motives of sex is satisfaction and exhilaration.î

Today, we give importance to what a woman feels during the sexual act. A man feels masculine and good about his manhood only when he is able to arouse his woman’s erotic senses and satisfy her.

How can I not be in agreement with that line of thought?

Okay, so thatís how we feel, but what about our women?

One of the major challenges for men with a smaller penis is – revealing it to a woman. If you belong to that category of men who are conscious about the size of their penis, Iím sure you agree with me that you dread that first time.

Psychologists stress on the fact that a woman’s approval holds immense value to man. They want to hear the wow and the aah from women when they see the size, and this is something they crave for. Even if a man gets inkling that a woman is disappointed, he loses the capacity to perform.

But when you ask women about it, the immediate response is that they care more about what the man feels for them and not how big the penis size is. They say that an extremely caring lover provides a greater fulfillment.

But what is in their hearts? Having said all that, most women agree a larger penis makes a difference and transports them to a higher realm of sexual pleasure. The very sight of a big organ makes them aroused, just as a big butt or big breasts provide immense visual stimulation to men.

This innate need for sexual stimulation in women has been in existence millions of years ago, when the main sex motivator was the female who sought out males that could offer sexual pleasure.

Who is the perfect man?: Gentle and caring in nature but with great physical energy; soft from the inside but hard from the outside in every way. This is the atypical man a woman seeks in her heart of hearts.

Love is all about compromises and women in love may love the man so much that these feelings overpower any inadequacy in the penis size.

Obviously they don’t want to hurt their man and no woman in her right mind would break up for this reason. But if her man were to transform and come back with a gigantic (well, not exactly) sized organ, she will be the happiest.

Should the penis size be a cause for mental trauma?

Of course not! You feel that way because you donít know how many men there are out there that have small penises. And most of them would love to have a bigger penis. While some may not freely admit it, they harbor images of bigger sizes in their mind.

Why others, I have no issue in admitting that I am a prime example of someone who was not satisfied with the size. The various porn movies and magazines were the reason for the development of this need. They showed men with unbelievably huge penises and that made me wonder if I ended up with a bad bargain.

While there are guys with a smaller than normal penis size, most men that look to enlarge their penis are average sized, according to research. Genetics and health problems like hormonal imbalances can lead to developing a penis of under 3 inches, also called micro penis.

From all this, we can deduce that size matters; especially when it causes trauma. Medically, sex is said to be good for health, as it reduces stress and blood pressure. Instead of you deriving such benefits, if itís adding to your stress, then you need to do something about it.

I believe in leading a happy stress-free life and doing whatever it takes to gain that.

So, stop agonizing over the fact that you are belittling yourself in front of your lady love in more ways than one. Today, there is a lot you can do to change things for you.

How can you change the penis size?

A century of experimentation has yielded results. Penis enlargement attempts by manufacturers who have no clue what they are up against have only left a deep sense of disappointment in people who imagined a great sexually satisfied life ahead.

Fortunately, things are changing, albeit in a very small way. There are a few gems that have the potential to transform your life by increasing the length and girth of the penis. But most others available are dismal and have come into existence only to lighten your wallet. They lead to serious consequences and a lifetime of unhappiness, like erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Knowledge is power! Make an informed decision

Vacuum Pumps: The vacuum pump works by drawing blood into the penis, thus enlarging and erecting the penis. The penis has to first be inserted into the vacuum and clamped with a tight ring. This clamping is done to ensure the blood that is drawn into the penis is not let out. Itís pretty obvious that this is not a long-term solution and results if any, are for a very short period due to the excessive blood flow into the penis. Tissue damage is one of the scariest side effects.

Topical Applications: Topically applied creams and ointments donít do anything for the penis size.
Stretching Devices and Penis Extenders: Penis extenders and stretching devices are meant to keep the penis stretched for a length of time so that it remains stretched. While, there is a gain when doing these exercises, it is very minimal. And there is the risk of burst blood vessels and tissue damage.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Penis surgery to increase the length and girth has become very popular over the years, with a section of people experiencing good results. But the main thing to be worried about is the risk of ending up with an uneven and lumpy penis, scarring and worst of all, a limp penis. Itís not just deformation that is worrying but the major risk factor of impotence. I would definitely suggest you not to be in a hurry to unzip your pants!

Pills and supplements: Last but definitely not the least; pills and supplements are almost God-sent. They increase the length and girth of the penis, and there are very few risks involved. But the one crucial factor to keep in mind is the need to use herbal pills and supplements from a ìgenuineî supplier. Chemicals are a big NO and can lead to very dangerous side effects.

Genuine? Which penis enlargement pills are good?

Now that you know what the different options entail, you can make a wise choice. Iím sure you will choose the safest option of penis enlargement pills. As discussed above, they are safe as long as you use natural and authentic ones.

All the products available to us are penis enlargement pills, but how do you know which one is good for you and which one you should stay away from?

You don’t want to be scammed, and more importantly you don’t want to endanger your life. In this regard, you have our research as a shield for your safety.

Our small research lab is a flurry of activity: identifying ingredients, alienating the doubtful ones, testing them, talking to users and running safety tests. This leads to a simple conclusion: Good or bad.

We have zero tolerance for anything synthetic. Even the combinations of natural ingredients are tested to see what they result in.

The results of our research have been wonderful, as we were able to come up with good penis enlargement pills that are safe to use.

My sole purpose in this industry is to remove the sheath of glamor that covers the penis enlargement industry and help as many people as possible. Only completely authentic products are listed here for our readers.

Recommendations For The Best Penis Enlargement Pills

Enlargement PillsProSolution Pro
Overall User Rating4.8/5.04.0/5.04.1/5.03.0/5.0
Visit Product SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit site
Size Gain2-4 inches1-2 inches1-2 inches1 inche
Erection PowerExcellentExcellentGoodAverage
Libido IncreaseVery HighNormalNormalHigh
Sexual StaminaVery HighHighVery HighNormal
Ejaculation ControlExcellentAverageAverageAverage
IngredientsVery High QualityGood QualityGood QualityAverage
Guarantee67 days
30 Days60 Days60 Days
Ease of RefundExcellentAverageAveragePoor
Shipping TimeExcellentAverageAverageAverage
6 Month Supply$44.60 /bottle$49.99 /bottle$42.99/bottle$49.19 /bottle
1 Year Supply$32.40 /bottle$49.99 /bottle$42.99/bottle$49.19 /bottle
Visit Product SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit site
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1) ProSolution Pro

ProSolution Plus PillsProSolution is our first recommendation and it stands tall among all others. It has scored admirably in the performance and safety areas.

Kudos to the manufacturers for having created something that actually helps men with their penis problems.

I even called the manufacturers to congratulate them on their quality work.

There are many happy customers who communicated their success stories to me, and this makes me feel on top of the world.

ProSolution has an astounding success rate of 80%. But before you come back complaining, I must warn you that nothing will change on the second day after you take the pills. Please get realistic!

This is not magic. It ís a pill that needs to bring about changes in your body and this takes time. Most users experienced a noticeable change only in the third week after using ProSolution penis enlargement pills.

They noticed a difference in both the length and girth of the penis. Not just that, they also started having better erections and far better semen production. You will be surprised to know that several porn stars use ProSolution.

Now you know the secret of those well-endowed bodies and seemingly unending semen. The maximum gain in terms of size was up to 3.8 inches; with the average being 2-3 inches.

Due to the efficacy and safety of ProSolution it is recommended by many physician offices too. For all you know, if you go to your doctor, he may just lead you to this.

Why are we talking so much about it?

Because the change in penis size is PERMANENT!

There is no risk in trying this for a couple of months, as there is a 2-month money-back guarantee.

But the company takes pride in the fact that it has a very low refund rate. If you have any questions, you can contact the 24/7 customer support at ProSolution.

  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Excellent and permanent results
  • Zero side effects
  • Recommended by the physician offices a rarity in this industry

Our rating for ProSolution Pro stands at #1. We want you to make these penis enlargement pills your first choice.

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2) VigRX

Our recommendation for the second penis enlargement product is VigRX. This follows closely on the heels of ProSolution Plus.

If you don’t want to go with ProSolution Plus for whatever reason, you can confidently look at this. My only complaint is their customer support.

But it is still popular in the penis enlargement market due to its excellent efficacy and safety. VigRX pills are produced in a GMP certified lab, known for it superior quality.

The gains with VigRX are less than that of ProSolution Plus and the results take time. But if you can exercise a little patience, the results are great.

You can save a lot wit a 4-month supply order, but I think you should order for 6-8 months, as it takes at least 6 months for most people to experience a remarkable change in penis size.


3) Extenze

extenze_box_pillsExtenze is the new temptation that has made its presence felt in the penis enlargement industry. There are many satisfied users who have gained the benefit of using Extenze.

But the customer support takes its own time in getting back to you. But that is not considered a deterrent as this company gains an additional point for their free guide to penis exercises and free membership in Penis Development.

Many users have admitted that they find all these freebies very attractive. They like the fact that they can also do some penis exercises simultaneously.



You’re fortunate that all the research has been done and you have just 3 options to choose from, or just 2 if you’re considering only the top 2 penis enlargement products.

If you had to go online to choose a product, you would find hundreds and it is highly possible that you will end up with a wrong one.
Our recommendations are intended to help you change your life.

They are meant to elevate your confidence levels. No longer do you have to begin each day avoiding the best moments of your life.

With these products, you don’t have to worry about the side effects. Using the wrong pills can have drastic consequences.

I will not say anything further as my intention is not to scare you.

We ensure you only get your hands on the best products that can only help and can cause no harm.

The psychological benefits outdo the physical benefits.

My warmest wishes are with you. I want you to overcome your inhibitions and I can assure you, these penis enlargement pills can do that for you. I would love to hear from you, when you start seeing results.

ProSolution Plus is a permanent solution to your penis issues and a minimum of 2-3 can be added to the penis length and the girth changes as well.

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