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It’s no secret that some guys have all the luck when it comes to women.

Women find them irresistible – and it’s not because of good looks or a well-defined six pack.

There is no denying that women are drawn to and flock to men who possess them.

A woman wants to feel unique

She is intrigued by the way her guy overpowers her with his male charisma, and a well-endowed body is a huge bonus.

Of course, it’s music to the ears to hear your woman say that all she needs is your love.

But the fact is that a bigger penis size is highly satisfying for a woman

Archetypal male is one who can satisfy his woman in every way

But don’t freak out if you don’t belong to that category of men – it is now possible to fit the bill.

All men are different! From skinny and fat to muscular and athletic, you may be short or tall, or you may have big hands and small feet, you may have a huge nose or big ears…. Do those things really matter? The answer will mostly be NO!

But you can’t say the same about your penis

The size of the boobs or the penis is not what makes sex great. To be blunt, the largest sex organ is your brain and not your penis.

Yes, if the penis is very small, there may be performance problems in the bedroom; but then it has to be really small for it to be a major issue!

Oh, we know all that, don’t we?

But we still love big boobs! Then why do we expect our women to adjust to a small sized penis?

I’ve had a man write to me that his girlfriend cheated on him only because of his “lack of stature.”

Many women revealed that the best sex they’ve had was with men who have a big one. This shows that the motion in the ocean does not always override the size of the boat.

Knowing that their unit is small also affects the self-esteem in some men. Of course, the penis sizes we see in porn films or magazines that look like an elephant trunks are not realistic.

Penis size does matter in different ways for men and women. Just as women all over are judged for their breast size or their weight and other superficial things, men also get a little insecure about their penis size.

Who wouldn’t want to achieve the status of the alpha male and be more of a filler?

Let’s get down to the brass tacks of penis enlargement

If you are desperate to do something about the size of your penis, you are part of a community that can put all others to shame. The number of people looking at penis enlargement as an option is incredibly huge.

Not surprising at all, considering the amazing physical and emotional benefits of a bigger penis!

Millions of people perform searches on search engines each day looking for information on penis enlargement, including medical and product information.

However, the plethora of information available online raises the issue of credibility of this information, as well as the quality of the products.

Majority of the penis enlargement products are advertised in an almost candy like fashion to attract people to the product.

Are you happy with the size or is penis enlargement the way to go?

If the answer to penis enlargement is YES, you will need to look at the solutions offered, and there are many.

Hundreds of penis enlargement pills are flooding the market with the awakening of mankind to the prospect of penis enlargement. During my research, I have come across several such products.

But first, there are a few precautions you will have to exercise.

Factors to consider before zeroing in on enhancement pills

In all your enthusiasm to turn into a sex stud, it is easy to get carried away and infuse harmful chemicals into the body.

CAUTION has to be exercised with the selection of enlargement pills. Your health is far more important than an elephantine boner.

Beware of those that claim to be magicians. No wand can change things for you overnight. It takes time and effort to see a result.

You will come across different types of penis enlargement pill manufacturers. While some are more humble and promise you an increase in penis size; there are others that go overboard and claim to offer a transformation the likes of which the world has never seen before.

There are so many penis enlargement options available, and this means a whole lot of research has to be done by you before you even begin looking in a single direction.

Are there any penis enlargement pills that do the trick?

Finding pills that offer quality, efficacy and safety is not a laughing matter. You just cannot afford to go wrong in any one department.

Among the hundreds of penis pills in the market, I have found very few that can be trusted to do their job the way they promise to.

I know it’s a meager offering, but the few pills that you see on this website are those that have taken their place here after a whole lot of research, shared user experiences, and safety tests.

It is our readers’ testimonies that have enabled me to arrive at a conclusion and find pills that work on penis enlargement and offer the best results.

Nothing that cannot be good for you will ever enter this space.

No endorsement will be done for a product of ill-repute.

Let’s get on with the main section of our website, where we bring you products you can use without worry of what may happen.

We have no relationship with any of the penis enlargement sites we talk about here. Our reviews are independent and solely based on the trust in the products.

We have shortlisted a few penis enlargement pills, based on several criteria.

Starting with the analysis of the quality of ingredients, we ventured to look at the efficiency and results that you will be able to experience.

Everything from the delivery time to customer service and bonuses on offer are taken into consideration.

It is my intention to use my extensive experience in the industry to help you see through the façade that engulfs the penis enlargement industry.

I have seen so many worthless products that if allowed to, I would be screaming scam.

But then, my hands are tied and I have no right to speak about such products; but nobody can stop me from talking about the genuine products and making my recommendations.

Our Recommendations For The Best Enlargement Pills

Enlargement Pills VigRx Plus ProSolution
Extenze Vimax
Overall User Rating 4.9/5.0 4.1/5.0 4.1/5.0 3.0/5.0
Visit Product Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit site
Size Gain 2-4 inches 1-2 inches 1-2 inches 1 inche
Erection Power Excellent Excellent Good Average
Libido Increase Very High Normal Normal High
Sexual Stamina Very High High Very High Normal
Ejaculation Control Excellent Average Average Average
Reputation Excellent Excellent Good Average
Support Excellent Average Average Poor
Ingredients Very High Quality Good Quality Good Quality Average
Guarantee 67 days
30 Days 60 Days 60 Days
Ease of Refund Excellent Average Average Poor
Shipping Time Excellent Average Average Average
6 Month Supply $59.60 /bottle $49.99 /bottle $42.99/bottle $49.19 /bottle
1 Year Supply $32.40 /bottle $49.99 /bottle $42.99/bottle $49.19 /bottle
Visit Product Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit site
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VigRx Plus #1

Review Summary

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 11.56.14 AMVigRx Plus is the first in our list of top products. It is given this priority based on its performance and impressive results.

This product proves beyond doubt that behind every good product there’s an ethical and a responsible manufacturer.

The manufacturers of VigRx PLus are honest and have a winner on their hands, as they implemented genuine techniques in the creation of these pills.

I have received numerous emails filled with praise and positive experiences from users.

It is heartening to witness such genuine appreciation. We decided VigRx Plus deserves the top rank for its 98% success rate.

Majority of the users could see visible changes in their penises by the second week, and by the third week, the results were amazing in terms of length and girth of the penis, as well as lasting erection capacity.

The average rate of gain with these pills was 2-3 inches, with a few exceptions where some people gained up to 8 inches. But please consider the average gain as that’s more probable.

Optimum results will only be visible when the pills are used as suggested. Timings and dosage have to be maintained.

If you fail to take the pills, you may not find any changes. If you take too many, it could prove to be risky.

The company offers a 2-month guarantee on VigRx Plus penis enhancement pills.

So, you have a risk-free trial.

But in all probability, going by history, you may not ask for a refund. The manufacturers have a very low refund rate.

My strongest recommendation goes to VigRx Plus as the #1 penis enlargement pills available today.

VigRx Plus is also used by porn stars for increasing the penis size and to gain the ability of lasting erections.

There have been several reviews stating that these pills also help improve sex drive along with better erections and semen production.

Imp: The most important benefit of using VigRx Plus is that the results are PERMANENT.

This product is recommended by doctors as it is completely safe to use and gives excellent results.

They have a 24/7 customer support that you can reach whenever you have any questions about VigRx Plus. They are most amicable and willing to respond at all times.

The benefits offered by VigRx Plus:

VigRx Plus, without doubt has no competition. It can’t compare with any other product where results and safety is concerned.

Doctors recommend VigRx Plus to their patients. While penis enlargement products are not favored by physicians, these pills are not only approved but prescribed by doctors.

VigRx Plus offers a money-back guarantee of 67-days.

This is almost like they give you a free trial, because they are confident their product produces permanent and amazing results.


ProSolution #2

Review Summary


ProSolution is second on our list of penis enlargement pills that work wonderfully.

It comes right after VigRx Plus due to its superior performance.

I must say the only sore point with these manufacturers is their customer service, which is sadly lacking.

ProSolution pills are safe and effective, and offer great results.

The company also introduced the ProSolution Gel, a topical application formula.

This gel gives immediate results in terms of hardness and erections. While the results of any topical application are temporary; when used in combination with the pills, the gel helps you have fulfilling sex from day 1.

As with all other penis enlargement products, I bought these pills and gel and tested them minutely. While they use only superior quality ingredients, what I felt was that this product is less potent than VigRx Plus.

But if you’re looking for something other than VigRx Plus, then I most certainly suggest ProSolution.


Extenze #3

Review Summary:

Apart from above mentioned products, there is new reformulated product named Extenze.

This product is well known for their vast promotion In TV and magazine ads.

I decided to have place it third on my list, since many members are vowing very much on results. The newer reformulated Extenze, which includes better quality ingredients also has an extended release technology in the pills.

But their customer service once again is pretty bad. They forgot to improve on that part, this shows that the company still has some issues to address, because it gives a bad impression on the company, product and of course, clients will feel desatisfied.


Product Name VigRX Plus ProSolution Plus Extenze
Side Effects None None None
Guarantee 67 days 60 days 30 days
Reputation 4.8/5 4/5 3/5
Staff Support Excellent Good Good
Price $59.99 $49.95 $49.90
Avg. Rating 4.9/5.0 4.2/5.0 4.0/5.0
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Getting The Best

We take the penis enlargement pills on the market for a spin, test their unique features and weigh up their strengths and weaknesses to help find a perfect penis enlargement pill for you!

The penis enlargement products we recommend – VigRx Plus, ProSolution and Extenze – come with absolutely no side effects.

Some may perform better than the others, but none of them bring with them any adverse symptoms or risks.

We are committed to ensure you shop with confidence. We do all the grunt work so that you can just go through the features of each product and pick one that suits your needs the most.

And you have only three options, making life easier for you.

There Are NO Impossible Situations

Nothing is impossible. Life is all about making the right choices.

If the size of your penis is a cause of major concern for you, you need to do what it takes to calm your mind and heart, to ensure you don’t pay a mental and physical price for it.

Having seen hundreds of men anxious over the size of their penises, I must again tell you men don’t need a bigger penis for reproduction.

And some men may not really have as small a penis as they think they have.

But the mental trauma of having a small penis makes a person distrustful. Even when a woman were to say, honestly, that she found you a good lover, you would think that she was lying only to make you feel better.

I don’t want YOU to get into this mindset.

And you can only enter the non-judgmental mental space by addressing the problem and finding a solution.

Unlock the secret to a happy state of mind. The key is right here, on this website.

Use one of the penis enlargement pills suggested by us and gain back the lost confidence, gain back your life.

You deserve to be the kind of man you want to be and keep the woman of your dreams happy in every possible way.

The bedroom is a place where we de-stress by forgetting all the insanities life deals us. This is where we men show our women what they mean to us. This is where relationships are formed.

Don’t let anything take that away from you. Life is short and you want to live every single moment.

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