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Don’t Let a Small Penis Control Your Life…

The “Rosetta Stone” of male sexuality – the phallus, is certainly not the most intuitively shaped appendage.

But it is one of the most impressive “tools” manufactured by nature for thousands of years of human evolution.

Despite the variation in size between individuals, the erect human penis measures on average between 5 and 6 ½ inches in length and about 5 inches in circumference.

The odd shape, with its bulbous head, its long and rigid shaft, and the coronal ridge, is not merely an instrument of internal fertilization.

For something that differs in shape and size in each person, it is at the core of manhood, the most important thing for a man.

 Penis Size affects men’s psychological process

The bigger the better; in spite of the fact that even the well-endowed chimpanzee has a smaller penis than humans.

It is this obsession that led to the creation and the unprecedented growth of the male enhancement industry.

Penis enlargement products are everywhere today. The all-pervasive Web has become the main choice for gaining access to a vast number of penis enlargement products.

We’ll talk more about the products later, but first, let’s understand the need for these products better.

Men obsess over their penis size

Is it thick enough? Big enough? Hard enough?

While Mother Nature’s prime directive for the penis is a reproduction, it receives a great deal of attention. The size of the penis has always been a matter of contention with men.

The fact is that human ejaculate can be expelled to a considerable distance of about two feet with great force, if not restrained, irrespective of the penis size.

I have discussed this with many men who are interested in enlarging their penis size. For the majority of them, the obsession with the size of the penis boils down to being good lovers.

They have the feeling that a larger size would have the advantage of filling and expanding the vagina, thus maximizing the satisfaction levels in women.

I tend to agree with this line of thought. Our sex lives don’t always revolve around reproduction. We look at fulfilling our need as well as the ability to satisfy the woman we are with.

A bigger penis makes men feel powerful, omnipotent and hyper-masculine.

Women’s preference for penis size

For guys, women’s appraisal of their penises is paramount. It’s all about impressing the ladies. Guys worry women will freak out if they don’t have a huge penis, or that they will leave them for someone with a bigger size.

But women are not standing over their lovers to measure the inches with a ruler.

Most women I’ve spoken with say that it’s ‘love’ and ‘affection’ that transforms sex from just a physical function to a deeper fulfillment.

But here’s a secret – most women do not deny that a larger penis is more satisfying in all forms of physical contact. A bigger penis can be a visual/tactile stimulant, in a way large breasts or a big butt might be for some guys.

This primate sex drive in women goes back to more than 60m years when a significant proportion of sex has been motivated by females seeking out males who would satisfy them sexually.

The ideal man would possess delicate emotions but greater physical energy, good temperament but a masculine character, softness of heart but a harder and bigger member that satisfies her completely.

Of course, a woman in love may not admit it for fear of hurting the man’s feelings. And I’ve not seen women breaking up with their guy over a small penis, but they do admit their preference for a larger penis.

Don’t freak out if your penis size doesn’t measure up

Guys, believe me, you are not alone! I don’t think there is a guy in the whole world who doesn’t wish penis were longer. Almost all guys who are honest will admit that they are curious about how they measure up on the size spectrum.

I have had this obsession for a larger penis, and it all started with porn magazines and movies. I used to compare my equipment with those mythical proportions and feel like I’ve gotten the short end of the stick.

Research shows that most guys opting for penis enlargement are average in size. Of course, there are guys who are much smaller. Genetics and hormone issues can lead to a condition called micropenis, which is under 3 inches.

I am not going to tell you guys not to care. Of course size matters, when it affects your life.

One of my readers sent an interesting mail summing up why size is important. He wrote, “If a guy is unhappy and embarrassed about his penis size, he’s going to take those hang-ups into the bedroom and it’s going to affect his sex life.”

Don’t freak out if you are not able to lord your enormity over everyone you meet. You may be able to do it soon!

What can be done about the penis size? What works?

After more than a century of generally dubious penis enlargement attempts, we are at a stage where there are plenty of options to increase the length and girth of the penis.

However, there is evidence that most of these supposed options don’t work. Some even come with side effects. How serious? Impotence and erectile dysfunction – that serious.

  • Surgery
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Creams and ointments
  • Penis extenders, stretching devices
  • Pills, supplements

Penis enlargement surgery: While penis surgery is performed to increase both the length and girth, there is a risk of the penis looking lumpy and uneven, scarred or becoming limp. Possible deformation and Impotence are major risk factors. So, don’t unbuckle your pant yet.

Vacuum Pumps: You have to put your penis in and the vacuum that draws extra blood into it, resulting in a bigger and more erect penis. The penis is then clamped with a tight ring to ensure blood doesn’t leak back into the body. The effects are not long-lasting and there is a possibility of tissue damage.

Creams and ointments: It is safe to say that all of them are completely useless and just don’t work.

Penis extenders and stretching exercises: Penis extenders won’t help bulk up your penis. But stretching exercises may result in stretching the penis a bit. But after all the effort, the resulting gain is minimal. Risks include tissue damage and burst blood vessels.

Pills and supplements: We advocate the use of pills and supplements as the safest way of penis enlargement. There are fewer risks involved, as long as you use products with natural ingredients. Using chemicals can lead to dangerous side effects.

Zeroing in on the genuine penis enlargement pills

If after reading everything, you’ve decided to go in for penis enlargement, then penis enlargement pills are the only safe option out there.

A safe option – as long as you can identify the genuine products.

The meaning of “scam” takes on a whole new meaning in this industry. Unfortunately, we lack the ability to eradicate it. All we can do is make intelligent choices.

Our research has been eye-opening and we realized that out of the hundreds of options, the penis enlargement pills that produce results and are safe, are just a handful.

But this meager offering is all you need. We have studied the ingredients for efficacy and safety, talked to users, and performed safety tests on the penis enlargement pills we listed here.

With years of experience in the industry, my intention is to help remove the façade that surrounds the penis enlargement industry. No product of ill-repute will find its way here.

Our Recommendations For The Best Penis Enlargement Pills

Enlargement PillsVigRx PlusNaturalGain PlusExtenzeVimax
Overall User Rating4.8/5.04.2/5.04.0/5.03.0/5.0
Visit Product SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit site
Size Gain2-4 inches1-2 inches1-2 inches1 inche
Erection PowerExcellentExcellentGoodAverage
Libido IncreaseVery HighNormalNormalHigh
Sexual StaminaVery HighHighVery HighNormal
Ejaculation ControlExcellentAverageAverageAverage
IngredientsVery High-QualityGood QualityGood QualityAverage
Guarantee67 days
30 Days60 Days60 Days
Ease of RefundExcellentAverageAveragePoor
Shipping TimeExcellentAverageAverageAverage
6 Month Supply$44.60 /bottle$49.99 /bottle$42.99/bottle$49.19 /bottle
1 Year Supply$32.40 /bottle$49.99 /bottle$42.99/bottle$49.19 /bottle
Visit Product SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit site
Read Our Full ReviewVigRx Plus Review
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VigRx Plus #1


Review Summary

VigRx Plus is at the top of our priority list due to its high level of performance and visible results.

The manufacturers belong to the honest cadre and they have a winner on their hands.

My inbox is filled with experiences of people using these pills and the success rate is amazing at 98%.

With users enjoying excellent results, we had to give this penis enlargement pill the shield of honor.

As with any performance oriented product, most users said that the results were slow and the first week of using these pills went by with little or no visible change.

By the third week, they noticed a difference and the penis felt bigger and longer, and they also had firmer erections.

An average gain of 1-2 inches was noticed with the use of VigRx Plus penis pills. While this is the average gain, there have been exceptions where the gain was as much as 3 inches.

But these pills have to be taken as per the dosage suggested for optimum results.

VigRx Plus comes with a two-month money back guarantee. Even if you are not satisfied, you don’t lose money.

Their refund rate is highly impressive at below 1%, which means not many people return the product. This should instill confidence in the product.

I give my strong recommendation that this product works well and give it a rating of being the #1 penis enlargement product today.

VigRx Plus is a product porn stars rely heavily upon to not just increase the penis size but also to alleviate premature ejaculation problem.

Pornstars who have used this revealed that they have noticed increased sex drive and strength as well as harder and stronger erections with increased semen production.

The beauty of this penis enlargement pill is that the results are PERMANENT. Looking at the efficacy and safety of the product, many doctors also recommend this product to their patients.

The company that produces VigRx Plus offers a live chat customer support 24/7. This makes them accessible at any point of the day or night.

Here are the benefits from VigRx Plus:

  • VigRx Plus Outrivals all Others – The positive results from VigRx Plus are unique to this product alone and there is no other that comes even close.
  • Recommended by Doctors – While the medical community is against many of these penis enlargement pills, this is one product that is approved and suggested by doctors.
  • VigRx Plus’s 67-day Money-Back Guarantee – Their money-back guarantee is based on the confidence in their product and the permanent results.



They also have a new product launched recently is called VigRx Delay Spray, it works great alongside VigRVigRx Delay Sprayx Plus.

This spray works differently from other products. Just spray and rub it in your penile tissue.

This will make you last longer, delay orgasm, prolong sexual pleasure and help you give multiple orgasms.

Combining both will differently make you a king in bed and give you the extra edge needed to impress that special someone.


Natural Gain Plus #2

Review Summary

The product I recommend second is Natural Gain Plus. Apart from VigRx Plus, this is the product you should be looking at.

I must say, I was unhappy with their customer support, but the product itself has no flaws.

That’s the reason they have a good name in the market despite their dismal support.

Another advantage of this penis enlargement pill is that they have the support of VT Health, which is known for quality.

The resultant gains from Natural Gain Plus are a little less and it also works slightly slower than VigRx Plus.

Although, a 2-month supply of these pills may be cheaper; I’d suggest you go with a 63 month supply, since you may have to use this for some time notice best results.


Review Summary:

A new product, Extenze is only now making a name for itself in the penis enlargement market.

It is being named as one of the few good pills based on the quality.

Many of our readers bought this product and are extremely satisfied with the results.

However, the customer support is slow in their responses.

The reason I listed Extenze as the 3rd product is because it offers a membership to their customers in ‘Penis Development’ as well as a free penis exercise guide.

Our readers find this offer attractive because it involves not just pills but exercise as well, which gives an overall great result.

Product NameVigRX PlusNatural Gain Plus
Side EffectsNoneNoneNone
Guarantee67 days60 days30 days
Staff SupportExcellentGoodGood
Avg. Rating4.9/5.04.2/5.03.8/5.0
FULL Product REVIEW:Click Here

Why are there people who do not see results from pills?

That’s an excellent question! Yes, I have received communication from people who have used some penis enlargement products but see no result.

The reasons for this are simple – Buying the wrong penis enlargement product or not following the dosage mentioned or not using the products for long enough to let it work.

You can alleviate most of the issues with VigRx Plus. You have an absolutely perfect product in hand, and you would be tempted to use it for longer than two months as the company offers dollar benefits with long-term offers and there is a money-back guarantee.

However, ensuring you take the proper dosage is entirely dependent on you.


You’re fortunate that all the research has been done and you have just 3 options to choose from, or just 2 if you’re considering only the top 2 penis enlargement products.

If you had to go online to choose a product, you would find hundreds and it is highly possible that you will end up with a wrong one.
Our recommendations are intended to help you change your life.

They are meant to elevate your confidence levels. No longer do you have to begin each day avoiding the best moments of your life.

With these products, you don’t have to worry about the side effects. Using the wrong pills can have drastic consequences.

I will not say anything further as my intention is not to scare you.

We ensure you only get your hands on the best products that can only help and can cause no harm.

The psychological benefits outdo the physical benefits.

My warmest wishes are with you. I want you to overcome your inhibitions and I can assure you, these penis enlargement pills can do that for you. I would love to hear from you when you start seeing results.

VigRx Plus is a permanent solution to your penis issues and a minimum of 2-3 can be added to the penis length and the girth changes as well.

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