What You Need To Know…

Nothing will damage a man’s ego worse than someone telling him he has a small penis.

No matter what type of social life you have, men around the world are craving a larger sexual organ, resulting in a better sex life.

Why should you throw away your social life when there’s help?

A man with a big penis is what a woman wants and it is what a man wishes to have to be able to satisfy.

Does size matter?

It’s very easy to say size does not matter. We all should understand that physiologically, the size of a penis does not take away any satisfaction on the part of the man.

Where a woman is concerned, it may not matter if looked at with a view at conception and the amount of semen produced, but if we look at it from the satisfaction angle, it sure does make all the difference in the world.

The feeling of fullness guarantees extreme pleasure, which only happens with a big penis. Am I getting too personal here?

I decided to say it all, because that’s the only way to tackle this touchy subject, there is certainly no in between route to take.

Before I get on with what exactly I wish to tell you about penis enlargement pills, let me tell you, never to get carried away by what you find on the internet as most of it is JUNK that is only aimed at taking your money.

I have done a whole lot of research and would like to talk about my findings, which I am pretty excited about.

There are thousands of websites that sell penis enlargement products and millions of people that are looking for some way to enlarge their penis.

They sell anything from pills, enhancement patches, exercises, herbal remedies, and many others that claim to transform your penis to one comparable to a horse.

But it is important to know everything you need to before actually venturing to take any.

Penis Enlargement Pills are the Best Choice

You may have noticed countless ads for penis enlargement vacuum pumps, penis extending exercises and the like. These gadgets and programs just don’t have the same power as high-quality penis enlargement supplements.

That’s why we don’t recommend pumps or exercises. We know from our comprehensive research that male enhancement pills are the best choices.

Because these pills contain a host of natural ingredients that are tailor-made to increase blood flow where it is needed the most, they deliver the sort of targeted results that men really want.

Instead of using painful vacuum pumps or subjecting yourself to uncomfortable and embarrassing exercise routines, why not add safe, natural pills to your daily routine? When you do, you’ll notice immediate changes.

Results will be cumulative, for as long as you keep taking the pills.

Research The Key Word

Taking a herbal supplement is fine, but even herbs can have side effects. You will have to check the ingredients that have been used and the quantity of the herbs used.

I have done a lot of research in this regard and understand a few things that I am going to now explain to you.

Armed with this ammunition of information, you would be better off at deciding on the type of supplement you are going to go in for.

Do not even look at a product where the ingredients are not listed.

I have looked at several herbal penis enlargement pills that are on sale in the market today.

I even went to the extent of comparing the ingredients and talked to all those companies as part of my research.

Do These Penis Enhancement Pills Work?

Yes, they do! There are several supplements available in the market. The herbal pills do work.

There are good penis enlargement herbal pills that certainly make the penis bigger as well as increase the sex drive and stamina.This happens because of the improved blood circulation.

The second effect of the herbal supplements is that they expand the blood vessels.

When these pills are used correctly and in the time frame suggested, the results are seen faster and are much better.

I have spent months researching the best penis enlargement methods. Now, I im ready to share tons of vital information about these all-natural products.

Because I studied each formula on our list intensively, I know that these products are truly superb.

Each reputable and respected penis enlargement pill brand that I picked to spotlight at my website will assist you in enjoying rock-hard erections that lead to the most ecstatic sexual experiences.

When your partner sees the “new you”, she will really respond to your new found sexual prowess.

In fact, you may find that these pills unleash her sexuality like nothing else ever has!

If you want the sort of sexual confidence that only comes from having an impressively large penis, choosing one of the formulas that we feature here will definitely be the secret of feeling like a total man.

Since these penis enlargement pills work in just weeks, they are fast, effective solutions to the age-old problem of sub par penis size.

Avoid Bogus Penis Enlargement Products and Techniques

I care about my reputation and website, that’s why I  care about your health and well-being and why I pinpoint penis enlargement pills that will give you great results.

To protect you from disappointment, discomfort, and plenty of wasted time, money and energy, I have also taken the time to show you which penis enlargement products and techniques are best avoided.

By staying away from “snake oil” formulas, dangerous surgical procedures, and tiresome exercise programs (and by choosing safe, natural penis enlargement pills), you’ll get the results that you want, without any downside.

After all, the pills that I display at this website are created from beneficial natural ingredients that never cause adverse side effects or symptoms.

Now that you know why penis enlargement pills are the smartest choices, let’s look at what you should avoid:

What you need to avoid


Penis enlargement surgery: This type of surgery, like all other forms of surgery, brings risk. Since penis enlargement surgery requires general anesthetic, it’s potentially dangerous. In addition, this form of operation may trigger infections and complications. While some people are reasonably content with the results that this form of surgery brings, others are bitterly disappointed with their results. When surgery does not go as planned, penises may become misshapen, lumpy and very unattractive. Since you’re actually trying to be more sexually attractive, staying away from this form of surgery, which may cost up to ten thousand dollars, is definitely the way to go.

Vacuum Pumps: No guy really enjoys putting his penis in a vacuum, because it doesn’t really feel too great. These vacuum pumps bring more blood to the penis, but results are incredibly short-lived. The clamps that are used with these devices are also quite damaging to penis health, since they may harm penis tissue.
Choosing this method of penis enlargement will only end in disappointment. Spare yourself the humiliation and discomfort of using these awkward contraptions. You’ll get way better results with penis enlargement pills.

Creams and ointments: Penis enlargement creams and ointments get so much hype online, usually from their own manufacturers. However, as many men have been chagrined to discover, these topical treatments simply do not live up to their own hype. Smearing a bad-smelling, greasy lotion onto your phallus is never going to increase your penis size. Products of this nature just don’t have the same effectiveness as high-quality penis enlargement pills. In fact, these creams and ointments have no effectiveness at all.

Penis extenders and stretching exercises: A lot of websites tout the benefits of penis extenders. However, real-life guys get terrible results from these devices. Extenders of this type are meant to add bulk to your penis. They stretch your male member, causing internal damage. The swelling that results isn’t increased penis size – it’s actually an injury to your penis. You don’t need to suffer from burst blood vessels and torn penile tissue in order to gain size. Avoid these devices at all costs, in order to avoid damaging your penis.


Pills and supplements:  The penis enlargement pills that we highlight at this website are the gold standard for safe, effective and gentle penis enlargement. That’s why we heartily recommend using these holistic and beneficial products. Through our research, we’ve realized that high-quality male enhancement pills are really the only failsafe way to enjoy bigger erections and more significant penis length and girth.

Zeroing in on the genuine penis enlargement pills

If after reading everything, you’ve decided to go in for penis enlargement, then penis enlargement pills are the only safe option out there.

A safe option – as long as you can identify the genuine products.

My research has been eye-opening and I realized that out of the many options, the penis enlargement pills that produce results and are safe, are just a handful.

But this meager offering is all you need.

I have studied the ingredients for efficacy and safety, talked to users, and performed safety tests on the penis enlargement pills we listed here.

With years of experience in the industry, my intention is to help remove the facade that surrounds the penis enlargement industry. No product of ill-repute will find its way here.

Our Recommendations For The Best Enlargement Pills

Enlargement Pills VigRx Plus ProSolution
Extenze Vimax
Overall User Rating 4.8/5.0 4.2/5.0 4.1/5.0 3.0/5.0
Visit Product Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit site
Size Gain 2-4 inches 1-2 inches 1-2 inches 1 inche
Erection Power Excellent Excellent Good Average
Libido Increase Very High Normal Normal High
Sexual Stamina Very High High Very High Normal
Ejaculation Control Excellent Average Average Average
Reputation Excellent Excellent Good Average
Support Excellent Average Average Poor
Ingredients Very High Quality Good Quality Good Quality Average
Guarantee 67 days
30 Days 60 Days 60 Days
Ease of Refund Excellent Average Average Poor
Shipping Time Excellent Average Average Average
6 Month Supply $44.60 /bottle $49.99 /bottle $42.99/bottle $49.19 /bottle
1 Year Supply $32.40 /bottle $49.99 /bottle $42.99/bottle $49.19 /bottle
Visit Product Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit site
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VigRx Plus #1

Review Summary

VigRx Plus is the first of our recommended penis enlargement pills, and the higher rating is based on the superior performance, not just in size gain, but better erections, increased libido, sexual stimulus and stamina.

This is a product that comes from ethical people, who entered into the penis enlargement business with the intention of being socially responsible.

The VigRx Plus manufacturers have succeeded in creating an amazing product that does its job without causing problems.

They achieved this through using the best ingredients that combine together perfectly to offer amazing results.

I have received nice notes from users, expressing their gratitude for introducing them to VigRx Plus and letting me know how much these penis enlargement pills have helped them.
I love the fact that not a single person who wrote to me had any negative experience.

Taking the positive experiences and the 98% success rate into consideration, we decided to give them the coveted #1 spot.

One of the factors that caused excitement in the majority of VigRx Plus users was that the results were visible by the second week.

And in the third week, they noticed an amazing increase in the length and girth, with lasting erections.
Some men have even reports increased sex drive and increased semen.

The average gain was 2-3 inches in the majority of users.

There were a few users who experienced unbelievable changes.

However, I want you to be aware that this kind of increase in size is the exception and not the norm.

These penis pills come with their own set of instructions and optimum results have been seen ONLY in people who have followed the specified dosages and timings.

I must reiterate here that taking more than the recommended number of pills may lead to adverse effects.

The manufacturers offer a 2-month guarantee on VigRx Plus penis enlargement pills. That makes trying them a risk free proposition.

But once you use these pills, you would agree with me that the refund option is totally unnecessary. This product boasts of an extremely low, almost negligible refund rate.

I strongly recommend VigRx Plus as the #1 penis enlargement pills available on the market today.

This is one of the few products prescribed by doctors around the world. It’s also used by porn stars who are always on the lookout for products that increase their size and give them lasting stamina.

Their 24/7 customer service is one of the best I’ve seen. Those guys know their stuff and they’re willing to help with anyquestions you may have.

Benefits that VigRx Plus offers

VigRx Plus penis enlargement pills majestically stand above all others – leaving all competition behind.

Due to the exceptional benefits in terms of penis size, erections, semen production, and sexual stamina that these VigRxPlus pills offer, they are sought after by not just the general public but by doctors who approve and recommend these pills to their patients.

A 67-day money-back guaranteed offered by VigRx Plus makes it a risk-free investment. Try it today and get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

But the manufacturers enjoy a negligible refund rate as their product produces amazing results.

Official Website:




ProSolution #2

Review Summary

prosolution_plus-pillsProSolution is second on our list of penis enlargement pills that work wonderfully. It comes right after VigRx Plus due to its superior performance.

I must say the only sore point with these manufacturers is their customer service, which is sadly lacking.

ProSolution pills are safe and effective, and offer great results.

The company also introduced the ProSolution Gel, a topical application formula.

This gel gives immediate results in terms of hardness and erections. While the results of any topical application are temporary; when used in combination with the pills, the gel helps you have fulfilling sex from day 1.

As with all other penis enlargement products, I bought these pills and gel and tested them minutely. While they use only superior quality ingredients, what I felt was that this product is less potent than VigRx Plus.

But if you’re looking for something other than VigRx Plus, then I most certainly suggest ProSolution.


Extenze #3

extenze_pillsExtenze is a new product that has been widely advertised on TV and print media. It’s a reformulated product that does its job well.

This lands itself in the 3rd spot on my website, owing to the amazing reviews I’ve received from many members.
Of course, it goes without saying that it has been tested thoroughly, just as the other products.

This is a reformulated newer version of the original Extenze, and the manufacturers have used only the best ingredients in the formulation.

And the Extenze penis enlargement pills are based on the slow-release formula that works admirably well.

While the pills are great and do their job very well, the same cannot be said about their customer service staff.

The company continues to suffer from customer service issues. Poor customer service tends to leave a negative impression about the company.

However I couldn’t deny Extenze the #3 spot, as there was no other that’s more suited. The product is superior in quality and performance, and deserved a mention on our website.


This Stuff Works…only too well..

We take the penis enlargement pills on the market for a spin, test their unique features and weigh up their strengths and weaknesses to help find a perfect penis enlargement pill for you!

The top rated and best penis enlargement product we recommend is – VigRx Plus.

Some may perform better than the others, but none of them bring with them any adverse symptoms or risks.

We are committed to ensure you shop with confidence.

We do all the grunt work so that you can just go through the features of each product and pick one that suits your needs the most.

There Are NO Impossible Situations

Nothing is impossible. Life is all about making the right choices.

If the size of your penis is a cause of major concern for you, you need to do what it takes to calm your mind and heart, to ensure you don’t pay a mental and physical price for it.

Having seen hundreds of men anxious over the size of their penises, I must again tell you men don’t need a bigger penis for reproduction. And some men may not really have as small a penis as they think they have.

But the mental trauma of having a small penis makes a person distrustful. Even when a woman were to say, honestly, that she found you a good lover, you would think that she was lying only to make you feel better.

I don’t want YOU to get into this mindset

And you can only enter the non-judgmental mental space by addressing the problem and finding a solution.

Unlock the secret to a happy state of mind. The key is right here, on this website. Use one of the penis enlargement pills suggested by us and gain back the lost confidence, gain back your life.

You deserve to be the kind of man you want to be and keep the woman of your dreams happy in every possible way.

The bedroom is a place where we de-stress by forgetting all the insanities life deals us. This is where we men show our women what they mean to us. This is where relationships are formed.

Don’t let anything take that away from you. Life is short and you want to live every single moment.

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