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Below you will find only the penis enlargement pills that have been tested, that have medical approval, that guarantee results and that I know will work for you.

There are dozens of different pills on the market but almost all of them lack the quality , support or efficiency to give you what they claim.

This is why I have selected for you the best penis enlargement pills available today and you can be confident that if a pill is not shown here is because they don’t work or they don’t work as well.

I want to thank each and everyone of you that have written to me sharing your experiences with the various pills. It is your testimonials that allow me to know what pills really do the job!

I appreciate that and hope to continue to provide you with a top notch service. I am proud of my reputation and will not endorse bad products for money. is not owned by any of this companies and I work hard to deserve your trust.

Rest a sure that everything you need to know about the different pills can be found here : I evaluate pills using numerous criteria’s, Ingredients , support team , quality , delivery , growth results , speed , bonuses etc..

I have been here for years and know this industry inside out. Unfortunately due to legal reasons I can’t say to you which products are scams , BUT I can show you which ones are the best.

Top Penis Enlargement Pills.

Enlargement PillsProSolution PlusVigRX
Overall User Rating4.8/54.0/53.5/52.9/5
Visit Product SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit site
Size Gain2-4 inches1-2 inches1-2 inches1 inche
Erection PowerExcellentExcellentGoodAverage
Libido IncreaseVery HighNormalNormalHigh
Sexual StaminaVery HighHighVery HighNormal
Ejaculation ControlExcellentAverageAverageAverage
IngredientsVery High QualityGood QualityGood QualityAverage
Guarantee67 days
30 Days60 Days60 Days
Ease of RefundExcellentAverageAveragePoor
Shipping TimeExcellentAverageAverageAverage
6 Month Supply$44.60 /bottle$49.99 /bottleNo changeNo change
1 Year Supply$32.40 /bottle$49.99 /bottle$42.99/bottle$49.19 /bottle
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Product NameProSolution PlusVigRxExtenze
Side EffectsNoneNoneNone
Guarantee67 days60 days30 days
Staff SupportExcellentGoodGood
Avg. Rating5/54/53/5
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ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus PillsProSolution Plus is our first recommendation. It takes the pride of place because of its performance and positive results.

The manufacturers have come up with a unique product, combining efficacy with safety.

I have had a stream of happy customers writing to me with their success stories. It gives me a high to note that the rate of success with this penis enlargement pill is an astounding 98%.

ProSolution Plus deserves an ovation for standing out in an industry dominated by fraudulent products.

The results are not immediate. Most users did not notice a substantial change during the first and the second weeks.

It is in the third week of using ProSolution Plus penis enlargement pills that a difference in the length and girth of the penis were experienced by a majority of users.

They also reported better erections with increased semen production. Many porn stars said they rely onProSolution Plus pills. That should say something!

While a small percentage of users found as much as 3.8 inches gain, the average gain was around 2-3 inches.

This penis enlargement product is recommended by doctors too. For best results,ProSolution Plus pills have to be taken instructed – and the results are PERMANENT!

The company offers a two month money-back guarantee. But a refund rate of below 1% instills confidence in the product.

In case of any questions, ProSolution Plus has a 24/7 live and highly-responsive customer support, making it most convenient.

Benefits of ProSolution Plus:

  • Uses completely natural ingredients
  • Produces positive and permanent results
  • Does not have any side effects
  • Approved and recommended by the medical community, which generally opposes penis enlargement products

We rate ProSolution Plus as #1 and recommend it to be your first choice of penis enlargement pills.




VigRX Plus #2

Review Summary

vigrx-plus-pillsMy second recommendation is the VigRX pills. This can be a very good alternative if you are looking for something else.

Though the customer support is hardly worth writing about yet their reputation in the market is par excellence solely due to the product’s performance.

They also possess the distinction of being manufactured in labs certified by the GMP, which is the trademark for high-quality.

VigRX shows lesser gains and the time it takes for you do get them is also slower as compared to ProSolution Plus.

The price of these pills is lesser for a 4-month supply; however, I strongly recommend you get at least a 6 to 8 month supply as most people usually need about 6 months to see great results.


Extenze #3

Review Summary:

extenze_box_pillsExtenze is new on the horizon but has made a name for itself as one of the few good penis enlargement solutions out there.

Our readers have reported good results. But the customer support is slow to respond.

A point in their favor is their free membership in ‘Penis Development’ as well as a free penis exercise guide.

Many of our readers find this offer attractive, as they get to do penile exercises too, which could lead to better results.


When you choose the formulas listed here, you’ll be able to shop with confidence. By doing the research and comparison work for you, we isolate wonderful penis enlargement pill formulations that are customized to bring fast and dependable results.

You Deserve to Be Happy

Life is short. Time is fleeting. Therefore, going through life with body issues and self-esteem problems is just a complete waste of time. You need to make the most of every moment, and this begins with solving the problems that affect your emotional well-being.

If you spend a lot of time thinking about your small penis, and your thoughts are far from positive, you desperately need to take action. After all, you really deserve to be happy.

When you try one of the penis enlargement pill formulas found at this website, you’ll access the secret of male self-confidence and sexual prowess.

Tens of thousands of men all over the world come to our website to find the most effective, fast-acting penis growth pills. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy everything that these formulas have to offer.

ProSolution Plus is a permanent solution to your penis issues and a minimum of 2-3 can be added to the penis length and the girth changes as well.


Take control of your life! If the size of your penis is robbing you of sleep and affecting your self-esteem, it’s time you did something.

There is still a snicker factor associated with the male penis, and the possibility of stirring up uncomfortable puritanical sentiments. But do we really care anymore?

We may not have a million options, but these penis enlargement products have been carefully scrutinized, and have the capacity to offer the change you seek, both physically and psychologically.

I hope I’ve succeeded in helping you through my recommendations. I’ve left no stone unturned to do my bit in making sure you enjoy the life you truly deserve.

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