Penis Enlargement Solutions

9800353-paper-airplane-strategy-success-solutionsYou’re probably aware of the various types of penis enlargement options that are out there, but do you have a firm grasp over how they work?

Here is a rundown about the variety of treatments that men are using to increase the size of their penis:

  • Vacuum Pump (A.K.A. Penis Pump): This option revolves around using suction to stretch and pull on penis tissue. Basically, it is comprised of a small, cylindrical device that is placed all the way around the penis. These pumps cover the entire penis and are clamped at the base using a ring. While this method is extremely effective, it can take a few months to see any noticeable results.
  • Weight Stretching: This is an option that revolves around using weights to produce similar results as penis pumps. Again, this is a method that will require a great deal of dedication. You’ll need to wear a weight that is strapped to your penis for at least six hours per day and continue this cycle for at least six months.
  • Pills and Ointments: Pills and ointments can also produce some considerable results assuming that you’re using credible products. These types of methods are also quite cost-efficient so they are perfect if you are on a budget.

The Ins and Outs of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Aside from the above methods, some men go directly to surgery in order to increase the size of their penis.

And while this method has a much higher likelihood for success, it does contain a couple of drawbacks, which could include loss of feeling within the penis itself.

Either way, these are the two main types of penis enlargement surgeries that you can choose from:

  • Surgery to Increase Length: As the title infers, these types of surgeries are designed to increase the length of your penis. Basically, the procedure will involve cutting the ligament that connects the pelvic bone to the penis. In general, you should be able to see a noticeable difference of about an inch in regards to penis size.
  • Surgery to Increase Width: Secondly, you can choose to have your penis operated on in order to make it thicker. Surgeons generally use silicone and various fats to accomplish this.

Which Method Works Best?

In regards to effectiveness, the penis pump tends to be the leader. Just remember that you really need to be dedicated to the process for it to product significant results.

In regards to pricing, all of the options besides surgery are fairly cost efficient and safe.

A Bigger Penis Can Boost Self Confidence

big penis confidence manThere is absolutely no question that a bigger penis can boost self-confidence.

In fact, when men are surveyed about what they would change about their bodies if they could, the desire to have a bigger penis is always right up there with the urge to be taller.

Almost every man wants a bigger penis, except for the lucky few who are naturally well-endowed.

Men instinctively know that having a larger penis leads to enhanced feelings of self-esteem and masculinity, as well as increased “swagger” and attitude in the locker room, the bedroom, and the boardroom.

For this reason, some men who don’t have large penises feel very envious of those who do.

If you`re not blessed with the sort of penis size that makes you feel virile and powerful, you may benefit from a male enhancement product, such as a penis extender kit, that offers you a practical way to extend the length and girth of your penis.

While you may be skeptical of penis extender kits, these products do exist, and they offer men an easy and affordable way to get a welcome shot of self-confidence, without having to take prescription drugs that may have adverse side effects.

Male enhancement products are also great ways to avoid undergoing painful (and controversial) penis extension surgery that may result in a variety of health complications.

Why Does Penis Size Boost Confidence?

Men think about sex a lot, and they are often accused of “thinking with their penises”. Since sex drive is such an integral part of the male mindset, the size of a man’s penis is almost always a central issue for him.

Of course, men who have large penises become aware of this fact very early on, and they do sometimes feel superior to men who aren’t in the same boat.

Men who are well-endowed just don’t have the same hang-ups about penis size, so they express themselves more freely in a variety of social situations or intimate encounters.

Conversely, if a man compares his penis to other guy’s “packages” (and this is a common, if surreptitious, act in men’s locker rooms and men’s washrooms) and finds that he’s simply not as big as most other men are, he may begin to feel rather inadequate.

Some men are comfortable enough with themselves to be “easy in their own skin”, even when they don’t have large penises. This level of self-esteem is likely the product of satisfaction with life and with their individual gifts, achievements, and relationships. For these types of guys, penis size is not really an issue.

However, men with small penises who have no hang-ups about their penis size are actually few and far between.

Small Penis Size May Lead to Embarrassment

It’s even possible that other men (or women) have remarked upon a man’s smaller penis size at some point and caused him great emotional anguish and humiliation.

In fact, if you ask a guy with issues about his penis size what he least wants to hear from anyone, a remark such as, “you have a small penis”, or “you’re too small” will always be near the top of the list.

It’s cruel to point out anyone’s physical shortcomings, but some people are tactless enough to do it. Men who’ve learned to their chagrin that they lack the sort of penis size that impresses others may become very shy and withdrawn, and they may shrink away from seeking out the intimacy that they want so much.

For men who want solutions to their sexual hang-ups and penis size woes, penis extender kits and other penis enlargement products are definitely the answer.

How to Get a Larger Penis and More Self-confidence

With the right penis extender kit or penis enlargement product, it’s possible to gain up to three inches in length and over an inch in girth. The correct product will be safe, and it will be of medical grade quality.

Look for a penis extender kit that won’t cause soreness or irritation; this sort of product will gently stretch the penis without discomfort or adverse side effects. Most kits of this type are quite affordable, and they may be ordered online from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Once you’ve enlarged your penis, you’ll experience a very measurable increase in self-confidence, and you’ll enjoy a better sex life as well.

These sorts of penis enlargement products are well worth the financial investment, as they provide tangible benefits that will improve your life on many different levels.

Naturally Increase the Size of Your Penis

penis-size-statue-2Penis enlargement exercises are by far one of the more popular ways to natural increase the size of your penis.

Unfortunately, it is a method that is dramatically underutilized, mainly because not a lot of men with small penis problems are aware of them.

The purpose of this article is to teach you a few ways to naturally increase the size of your penis via penis enlargement exercises.
Should You Purchase Packaged Penis Exercise Programs?

The first question you probably have is whether or not to invest in a packaged penis exercise program.

Before you decide to invest in one, remember that there are a variety of free exercise programs available on the Internet.

The difference between the two isn’t very drastic and the results that you experience will be directly correlated with your ability to follow directions and stay disciplined throughout the process.

Let’s look at some a few differences between the two options:
Free Exercises: You’ll save a lot of money. The only potential downside is that you won’t receive as good of results as you were originally intending.

Packaged Exercises: You’ll pay more money but you’ll also increase the likelihood of the entire process working in your favor.
Which route you decide to take, keep in mind that penis enlargement exercise programs are a safe and natural way to increase the size of your penis.
You’ll be able to add a least an inch to the current size of your penis as well as increase its thickness. One very popular program that a lot of men are attracted to is the VigRx-Plus Package.

While this package isn’t free, it can be a cost-friendly route to take in the world of expensive penis enlargement exercise packages.
Other Considerations

In short, there are ways to naturally increase the size of your penis and penis enhancing exercise is a good place to start.

Another option that you could take is penis enlargement pills. These tend to be made from 100% natural materials and can be quite effective in regards to increase penis length and width.

Which route you decide to take, make sure that you are staying dedicated the process otherwise; you won’t receive very good results.

And make sure that you are comparing the various products out there to ensure that you are investing in a naturally based penis enlargement method that works.

Messuaring Up To Others – Penis Enlargement

This is probably a big question on many mens’ minds: do you measure up?

A lot of men are asking this question because of the influences of society and the pressure from women and others they are in relationships with.

In this day and age of the talk show hosts and pundits who know it all, everyone has an opinion of whether mens’ penises are big enough or not.

Let’s take a look at some of the confusion and try to make sense of it.

What women think

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, says that famous book which did so much (or so much damage according to some) to the relationship between the genders.

Some people believe that women want only huge penises and that the ones who don’t are lying. In reality then, for these women, penis size is the most important thing in a relationship. Penis size seems to be the deal breaker.

But then there are also women who believe this goes a little too far and you can in fact have a perfectly good relationship even if it’s a bit deficient in the “sexual” department.

Do you measure up, according to males

Now of course the male response is as simple as possible: of course it’s important! “Do you measure up” is probably the most important thing to worry about in a relationship.

Men want to feel not only useful, but also have the ability to please and to be the perfect partner for their ladies.

It’s all related

Do you measure up, is related to many different things as well in the lives of men. Men want to achieve certain “levels” in a variety of things, but we can divide them roughly into three categories: sexual, physical and intellectual.

All three of these parts of life seem to be important for men who are looking for a long term relationship and they are all related to the question of whether you measure up or not.

  • Sexual relationships — Men are looking to be able to please their partners and have a good sexual relationship. Having a really big penis is an important part of this. They want to be able to fully satisfy and impress their partners.
  • Physical prowess — It’s also important for men to be physically fit and strong. Being physically fit and strong will mean that you have more muscle mass in your body instead of fatty tissue. Ultimately, this will mean that your body is creating more testosterone, which increases your ability to maintain longer and harder erections.
  • Intellectual wisdom — Intelligence is also another important part of being a man. If you want to start a family, you will be responsible for them financially and you will need to know how to use your brain to be able to make money for your family and not make any bad financial decisions.

All of these three metrics can be used to answer the question: “Do you measure up?” when it comes to men. All three of these ways can be used to determine whether this particular man is going to be a good leader of a family and head of the household.

What can you do if you don’t measure up?

If you don’t measure up and if your penis is not as big as you would like it to be, then there are several ways to help you.

There is of course surgery, but most people recommend avoiding this method because it can be painful and also have consequences which you may not have intended.

An alternative to surgery is to go for hormone treatment or some other form of less invasive medical procedure that may not have physical side effects, but in the long term hasn’t been tested enough to be 100% certain.

Perhaps the safest and most natural way if you are struggling with the question do you measure up is to use alternative medicines and supplements based on herbal remedies. These tried and tested methods have been used for thousands of years.

Additionally, there are also exercises and devices that are perfectly safe that you can use to increase the size of your penis and even change its shape.

Different Penis Enlargement Methods

Male-ConfidencePenis enhancement methods are diverse for every male.

Selecting the most excellent and appropriate method can be hard, but to make sure that you select the one suitable for you, it is important to know the ways which are accessible to you.

At present, there are many ways for penis enhancement to choose from such as penis exercises, penis pumps, penis enlargement pills, surgery and penis weights and stretches.

Knowing how these methods work is really hard unless you have basic information about penile structure and physiology as well.
Penis Enhancement Pills

So as to enhance your penis, you have to expand the size of your Corpora Cavernosa. This could be done with the right exercises or the volume can be motivated with right medical formulas.

There are many means in order to enhance your Corpora Cavernosa, but lots of these ways can result in risky side effects in due course.

Penis Exercise

If you want a natural penis enlarger, penis exercise is the ultimate option. But, not all exercises are efficient; in fact there are penis exercises that are very risky.

Penis Health is a reliable program and is proven to work in enhancing the penis. This program provides many clear and detailed instructions on how to enhance the penis successfully.

Penis Enhancement with Organic Formulas

This approach of penis enhancement is a natural way of enhancing your Corpora Cavernosa. Using herbal formulas helps ensure proper blood flow to the penis chambers and thus, leads to the expansion of your wall tissue and stimulating the growth of healthy cell in the chamber walls.

Lots of men have rated this method as the best approach because it’s easy to use. There are many products available out there that provide the best results if you want to use this penis enhancement method.

Combination Penis Enhancement Methods

Study shows that you do not need to mix or combine various ways so as to get the best result in enhancing your penis. Experts stated that either a superb, thought out penis exercise routine or a product that has herbal ingredients will do the trick.

On the other hand, one product which really impressed many users and is worth adding to the treatment is size genetics.

It is a safe enlargement approach that has been proven efficient and effective. Research also shows that this approach doesn’t generate side effects or any damage to the wellbeing.

Penis Enlargement Grip Devices, Pumps and Weights

This approach of penis enhancement has been available for so many years now. It involves utilizing penis pumps, weights or grip devices.

This type of penis enhancement is the last resort. Lots of males who have utilized this approach saw little development on their penis size.

Penis enhancement utilizing weight is very risky and as much as possible, keep away from using this.

On the other hand, this approach does look at penis enhancement from various angles and ensures that penis enhancement is comprehensively complete with supportive and helpful methods.