Stretching of Ligaments and Penis Extenders


As I was growing up, every magazine I opened seemed to have ads related to penis enlargement.

But over the years, the initial euphoria died down, as I gained an understanding behind the saga of penis enlargement.

It didn’t take too long for the wheels to start turning and I had to venture to find out better ways of accomplishing penis enlargement, but without the risks and dangers associated with surgery and many other penis enhancement techniques/devices.

With this in mind, I set out to gain as much knowledge as possible about the various techniques of penis enlargement and my main aim was to be able to achieve this through natural means.

When Exercise Can be Bad

In spite of the drawbacks of the different methods of penis enlargement, I strongly believe that every part of our organism has the ability to adapt, since every organism in its nature has the power of adaptation.

However, a penis has to be treated the way it is meant to be. It cannot be treated to a bodybuilding workout because it is an organ and not a muscle.

It does have smooth muscle but not the kind that will increase in size when stimulated. It contains spongy tissue, arteries, veins and fibrous tissue.

Too much exercise can rupture the tissues of the tunica and if this happens, a scar tissue is formed when the tunica heals, causing a bend in the penis causing shortening.

Exercising also gives the penis a temporary pumped up feel caused by the increased flow of blood and retention of blood inside the penile tissue.

The Nature Of Penile Ligaments And Tendons

We have tendons and ligaments in our body. Ligaments are elastic and connect bone to bone throughout the body. But in the penis, ligaments connect bone to soft tissue.

Tendons connect muscle to bone, are non-elastic and cannot be easily stretched. They are stronger than the muscle and the bone, and when stressed upon, there is more chance of tearing the muscle tissue or the bone.

Of course, tendons can also be affected by external forces to a certain extent, but it takes much more effort than it does with ligaments.

Ligaments on the other hand become weaker and remain permanently elongated with extensive and continuous stretching.

What Does This Have to Do With Penis Enlargement?

The penile suspensory structure is not tendonous – it is ligamentous in origin. The basics of exercises for natural penis enlargement is that, if a tendon which is less elastic than a ligament can be influenced, ligaments that are far more flexible can be stretched permanently through exercises.

Penile exercises and penis extenders take advantage of this elongation capability of the penile ligaments.

Once forced to extend, these ligaments are not capable of healing and getting back to normal. By increasing the length, the penis is said to rise to a greater extent when erect.

The beauty of this whole process is that since ligaments take some time to recover, they don’t need to be stretched every day.

The Possibility of Ligament Injury

 Along with the possibility of lengthening the penis, it is also believed that it is possible to permanently damage the ligaments around the penis if done incorrectly.

Impatient or over-enthusiastic usage of penis stretching equipment can produce too much pressure than is necessary and cause permanent and irreparable injury.

Here I’d like to cite the example of an extreme cases where the use of vacuum cleaners for this purpose has resulted in severe injuries, because of the suction being too powerful.

Hanging weights to stretch the ligaments also has the potential to restrict blood flow to the glans. The damage due to this can include chronic pain, scarring, nerve damage, lack of feeling and impotence.

Even users who have gained inches by using penis extenders for stretching, advice on treading with caution. They advice not to do penile stretching continuously, as ligaments take time to repair. They suggest occasional rest days.

Penis extenders have to be used with utmost care and caution, making sure not to cause any injury to the penis.

There are many men who claim to be hugely successful with penis extenders, but there are others that have not seen much improvement. Due your due diligence before getting your penis pulled.