A Rundown Of Some Penis Enlargement Options

The side effects of surgeries and other lengthening and girth increasing products are numerous and include reduced sensitivity, erection problems, nerve damage as well as infections.

One of the most disturbing problems is scarring that can leave you with a penis that is smaller and shorter than what you started with. Widening can happen in a lumpy manner, leading to an uneven penis.

A study showed that of the 50 men who underwent surgeries to lengthen their penises, 50% went on to get more surgery because they were not satisfied with the results.

We are not just talking about surgery, there are plenty of other options we know of that can lead to drastic results and lifetime of suffering, just because you used the wrong products or the right products are used in a wrong manner.

Here Are Some Penis Enlargement Options We Ask You To Be Wary Of

Vacuum Pumps or Penis Pumps

A penis pump is used to draw extra blood into the penis, making it bigger and more erect. The vacuum is used to draw blood into the penis, resulting in size enhancement.

There are different kinds of penis pumps, but mostly it is just a plastic tube and a pump that is operated by a hand bulb. When the bulb is squeezed, the air from the tube is evacuated and a little extra blood is drawn into the penis.

Belief in pumps was huge at one time, and even celebrities like Austin Powers is said to have used a penis pump to keep himself in perfect shape.

There was also the case of a judge who was considered indecent, because he used a penis pump when in court during the proceedings.

The effects are temporary and the pump has to be used continuously to enjoy a difference in penis size. But the problem with using it for long duration has been seen to cause tissue damage.

Clamping or Cock Rings

Shaped like a donut, this ring encircles the erect penis tightly. It is used mainly to maintain erection and even boost the size a little. Whether in the flaccid state or erect, blood is always circulating in and out of the penis.

One of the veins that take blood out of the penis is close to the skin at the top of the penis. The cock ring compresses this vein, restricting the outflow.

The results are small if any and temporary.

Traction Devices

This device attaches behind the head of the penis and the other end is pushed against the pubic bone. It stretches the penis away from the body.

This is supposed to be worn for many hours each day for maximum results. It is quite expensive and comes with several side effects.

With prolonged usage, users have complained of several symptoms, such as areas of chronic discomfort, change in urination and penile numbness.


Jelqing involves outward penis massage and is done when the penis is semi-erect. This technique is supposed to “push” blood into the glans and thereby expand the penis.

It may not make much sense but there are several tutorials and guides online for this.


People fail to understand that penis is not a muscle, so stretching it with weights is not going to bulk up the penis. Yes, hanging weights on a flaccid penis does stretch it a bit. But then for the results to be seen, it has to be repeated and done with lots of dedication.

After all that effort, the gain may be half an inch at most. This can cause damage and tear the tissue, lead to burst blood vessels and several other issues.

Ointments and Creams

Suffice it to say that they just don’t work.

Studies showed that application of testosterone ointments and oils has a local metabolic effect on the penis which is sensitive to hormonal action.

But using an ointment with just testosterone makes no sense, because for testosterone to do its job, it has to be absorbed into blood and then into the organs and tissues So local administration just doesn’t work.

What about surgery? While a surgery can work for some, there are many problems associated with penis enlargement surgeries.


Penis lengthening: This is one of the most common procedures that involve cutting the suspensory ligament connecting the penis and the pelvic bone. With this ligament severed, a little more of the penile shaft becomes visible making the penis look longer.

Usually the result is less than an inch. The penis size does not actually change. The procedure just uncovers the hidden shaft.

After the surgery, there is chance of the ligament reattaching, if care is not taken for more than six months using stretching devices.

That’s the least of your worries. One of the major side effects with the suspensory ligament detached from the pubic bone is that the penis “floats loose.”

This may not be an issue with a flaccid penis, but when erect, the penis may shift during sex. Since the penis is not held by the ligament, the erect penis can point downwards towards the floor instead of up.

Penis widening: This involves getting tissue grafts or fat or silicone implants done. With the fat injection option, fat is taken from another fleshy part of the body and injected into the penile shaft.

The results are not satisfactory because this injected fat is reabsorbed by the body, leading to asymmetry or curvature of the penis. Another complaint is that it makes it impossible to wear a condom.

No penis enlargement procedure comes without risk and they have not been proven safe or effective. The approaches are not well-studied and many of these procedures are not approved in the United States, which is why people go abroad and get them done.

Make sure you don’t unbuckle your pants without taking the risks into consideration.

Even if the penis is not even average-sized, it is important to find the perfect solution that works for you, before resorting to dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming techniques that will not prove to be very effective.

You may consider the option of the penis enlargement pills which is by far the safest and most effective as of today.

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