Facts About Male Enhancement

man standing glad of penis enlargementPenis enlargement ,which involves a wide variety of physical procedures and uses a multitude of medical interventions and devices, aims to enlarge the male penis by using techniques that medical practitioners have developed and recommended for this purpose.

Although no scientific or medical evidence can support or discourage the use of any particular approach, some reports have shown that all the techniques that men use to make their penises larger have failed for some people and succeeded for others.

According to scientific studies, half of the male penis, which is attached to the pubic bone, is situated inside the body.

Hence, surgical techniques that are specially designed to lengthen the penis release the suspensory ligaments and fundiform that join them to the pubic bone in order to take advantage of their attachment to it.

In effect, these techniques manage to enlarge the penis by approximately 2 to 3 cm by cutting part of its shaft, which is situated within the body, and enabling it to extend outwards and drop forwards.

Post-operative treatment plays a vital role in preventing the severed suspensory ligaments from healing quicker than expected. However, in order for it to be effective; the men who undergo this procedure have to stretch their penises.

Penis enlargement poses many risks such as preventing men from getting erections and for this reason, most countries do not consider it safe or a routine procedure. Hence, they only permit patients with a history of erectile dysfunction to undergo it.

The use of inflatable penile implants to replace the corpora cavernosa, which absorb a bigger percentage of the blood when men get erections owing to their sponge like nature, is a more drastic approach but it is very beneficial for impotent men because it is a therapeutic type of surgery.

This approach enables these men to get erections because it involves the use of a pump that medical practitioners manipulate by using their hands in order to fill the cylinders when they implant it in the patient’s scrotum or groin.

Although this surgical procedure is irreversible, it enables the aforementioned men to get erections at any time and make them last for as long as they need.

The development of techniques and products that are non invasive in nature such as the penis pump, clamping, and stretching can all enable men to enlarge their penises.

The penis pump, which is either motorized or manual in nature, increases the size of the penis by creating a vacuum when it is fitted over the penis. It enables the penis to swell and become engorged by the vacuum helping to draw blood into it.

The penis pump plays a vital role in the development and maintenance of erections, and for this reason, conventional medical practices such as those that specialize in the treatment of impotence, highly recommend it.

However, in order to reap maximum benefits from a penis pump, it is advisable to use it in conjunction with compression rings, which restrict blood flow from the penis, in order to help in the maintenance of erections after the removal of the pump.

Clamping, which involves the use of constricting devices such as rings that are specially designed for penis enlargement and elastic bands, is a temporary technique because it only requires men to reduce the blood flow out of their erectile tissues before and after they get an erection by placing these devices at the base of their penises.

Adult shops play a vital role in enabling men to take advantage of this technique by providing them with various products that are made from rubber or very elastic soft plastic materials. Although trapped blood that engorges the penises can make it impossible for men to remove metal rings, they are easily available in the market for those that are willing to use them to enlarge their penises.

A penis extender or stretcher enables men to lengthen the tissues in their penises by exerting a constant traction on them for a specified period.

The traction enables cells in the penile tissues to reform and expand after splitting, hence the success of the stretching technique, which requires men who use it to attach the aforementioned extender or stretcher device to their penis.

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