Global History Of Penis Enlargement

Male genital enhancement is not a result of changing human sexuality, as many believe.

It’s not due to some sudden changes in male vanity because of increased sexual activity in today’s society.

This idea is not novel and the obsession of the third leg has been in existence for many centuries.

Ancient Greeks had a preference for small genitals, and for them a small penis is aesthetically superior to the bigger penis.

But they did have their own hang-ups about the penis. Their young men exercised naked, and they stretched the prepuce over the glans and held it tight to the base of the penis with a ribbon. This they did to protect their genitals.

African tribes practiced hanging weights two thousand years ago. This comprised of hanging heavy devices at the end of the penis to stretch the tissues of the penile shaft. According to the journal, “European Urology,” this was also practiced by the Sadhus of India and males of certain tribes in Peru.

While this proved to be effective in increasing the length of the penis, it was seen to diminish the penile girth.

Polynesian males used a woven sleeve made of plant fiber to stretch their penises. While some tribes in Borneo formed holes in their penises and used them to insert decorative items to please their partners; tribes in Brazil got them bitten by poisonous snakes to make them big.

That’s the kind of fascination men had with penis enlargement from the very beginning.

Literature on the subject leads us to the early twentieth century, when the first medical procedures on penises were performed. Mostly they were covert.

These surgeries were like vasectomies and “Memoirs of a Sexologist,” has doctor Ludwig levy-Lenz admitting that he knew these operations had no effect.

In 1978, the Journal of Urology presented positive results of injecting hormones in young men. Gonadotropin and topical testosterone was used on five patients having micro penises, due to a medical condition.

They noticed that the greatest growth was in prepubertal males with the postpubertal males displaying minimal response. This showed that testosterone cream twice daily at the recommended percentage produces penis enlargement. It also showed that this works in children and not on adults.

Over the centuries, many cultures and tribes have experimented with penis enlargement in one form or another.

Less Drastic Methods Of Male Enhancement

Our ancestors got smarter after a while and started looking at methods that are safer and hurt less. They began using herbal aphrodisiacs and performing penile exercises.

Arabic civilizations paid a lot of attention to the length and girth of the penis. Their young males were taught how to perform exercises called Jelq, which involve massaging a semi-erect penis in a specific manner to improve blood pressure within the penile shaft.

This technique took about a month to show results, when done regularly and properly.

Finally, penis enlargement came of age in the early 20h century with the invention of the more modern penis pump by Otto Ledever of Austria. The penis pump creates a vacuum that makes the blood cells swell with regular usage.

Most of these ancient techniques are still present in different forms.

The More Modern Herbal Remedies

Chinese offered a vast variety of herbal medicine such as yohimbe and ginseng, which are used even today, to improve the dimensions of the penis and increase sexual appetite.

Most penis enhancement pills, topical oils and patches that are available on the market today contain a mixture or one of these herbs that work on penile enhancement naturally and painlessly.

The beauty of using these herbs is that they are also used to treat other major health conditions like heart and kidney problems, tuberculosis as well as diabetes.

Penis enlargement pills and supplements are considered a much safer and far more effective option. Some of them use only herbal ingredients that work perfectly in combination with each other, offering great benefits to the penis, sexual performance levels, sexual stamina, better semen production, lengthy erections as well as several other health benefits.

You no longer have to punish you penis for its size. Just go ahead and choose the penis enlargement products suggested on our website.

A whole lot of research went into this before arriving at the few that actually work the way they should.


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