Guys, Do You Wish To Be Bigger? penis enlargement

The overwhelming response to this question would be, “yes, of course!

Being a male member of the HomoSapien species and having been in this field for many years, I can vouch with great certainty that there isn’t a man in this world who hasn’t wished his penis was a wee bit longer.

There have been numerous attempts at penis enlargement, and after a century of trials, we are now surrounded by hundreds of supposed male enhancement options on the market, but with very few viable ones.

Horrific stretching exercises, scary devices, penis surgery, creams and penis pills among a host of others.

There’s not much one can do except try and keep trying, as you find that most of them don’t work. The reason being, there are very few approaches that can actually do something for your penis.

Most others come with serious side effects. Want to know how serious? How does erectile dysfunction sound?

Do You Think You Have a Small Penis?

Most men have this feeling that they are smaller than average, while they probably are not. The erect penis is about 5-6 inches long with a girth of about 4-5 inches. But the variation in flaccid penises is much more.

There are men who are much smaller than that. And in case of a medical condition such as hormone problem or an after effect of a prostate surgery, the penis could be as small as under 3 inches.

Average Sized Men Seek Enlargement

An interesting statistic reveals that penis enlargement is mostly sought after by men with average-sized penises. This is because they think they are below average.

Why do they think that? Perspective! It’s hard to be satisfied with the size of a penis, especially looking at how women seem to enjoy larger penises because of the increased satisfaction levels.

But of course you don’t hear women talk about it. When surveyed about what they look for in a lover, women consistently mention kindness, caring, good sense of humor and shared interests as the main values.

Very few women mention penis size and if your woman loves you, she may never complain. But we all know that women do enjoy “bigger” partners, since it makes oral and vaginal sex that much more pleasurable.

Bottom of Form

Psychology is a major player here. Men are convinced that women have better intercourse and orgasms with a big one that stretches the vagina more and reaches deeper.

It could be because of this that men have become obsessed with the idea that they are too small and this is precisely why a bigger penis has come to be associated with a sexually adept male.

I have to say that an extra inch couldn’t hurt.

How Does One Fulfill The Need To Be The Owner Of a Bigger Penis?

If you want to be bigger, if it helps emotionally and makes you feel physically well-endowed, changes your sexual and love life for the better; penis enlargement is the way to go. You don’t have to deny yourself the pleasures of life.

But in the quest for a bigger penis, you don’t want to end up with a lumpy, thickened, discolored member that may even become dysfunctional.

Even with a million solutions that don’t work and are not safe; fortunately, there are a few safe and effective methods for getting a larger penis and that too without any side effects.

Safe Penis Enlargement Techniques

There are effective ways of increasing the size, but they don’t involve surgery, pumps, traction, or magic potions. The safety men crave from penis enlargement comes in the form of natural or herbal pills/supplements.

Even here most of the companies that sell these penis enlargement pills are hucksters who deserve prison. They use synthetic ingredients that have the potential to cause immense harm to the body.

There are very few good herbal penis enlargement pills today and you will find them listed on our website. We spent hours on end researching for the best and found just a handful that you can safely use to enlarge your penis.

These products are worth their weight in gold because they are so rare to come by.