Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs Which Work

There are quite a few different penis enlargement exercise programs on the market and you would do well to look at a website that will explain to you the different types and which ones are more effective than the others.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of exercises and programs which neither make sense nor are they healthy for your penis. Many of them are just silly and would not help you at all. They are a waste of time and you should avoid them.

But this is not to say that there are not methods which can give you results. In fact, there’s just a few programs that actually work and some lucky men have been able to add 3 complete inches to their length as well as about 1 and a half inches to the diameter or the girth.

Penis enlargement programs can give you an incredible feeling of self-confidence and ambition because you will feel more masculine and alpha the bigger your penis is.

You can try the challenge yourself and see which exercise method works best for you.

There’s a few good ones and although you might be able to find expert medical opinions about these somewhere on the Internet, the best test is a report from someone who has actually taken the tests themselves and can tell you the first hand experience they had about it.

The brands of penis enlargement programs available

There’s a few brands of penis enlargement programs which will really work for you. They are very similar to each other, but they do have their differences. These will be discussed here.

Penis Health – This program is thought to be one of the best ones on the market. Their exercises are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the science behind penis enlargement. Not only do you get the complete program when you sign up, but you also get access to their VIP online area where members find out up-to-date, relevant information and updates about the joys of penis enlargement. Not only is the exercise flawless, but it is 100% completely natural. In the number one website on male enhancement, “Men’s Fitness”, they were voted into first place by the readership as the best penis enlargement exercise program available. This is probably a good introductory program and the best option for someone new who is getting into penis enlargement concepts in general. There site is at

Giant Johnson – Another very special brand that has online access included to their three different male sites. You can also get access to the Massive Member community by signing up for this product. What Giant Johnson does, is simply grant you access to the three most popular sites on the Internet for male enhancement. You not only get access to this, but also the Stud Secrets and Advanced Seduction websites, where you will learn neurolinguistic routines that can be used to pick up chicks in bars. Their sex guides are also fantastic and will help you create that never forgotten orgasm in your partner’s life.

Penis Video – Penis Video is another great program that is actually one of the most new ones available. Even though it’s new, it offers some unbeatable online tutorial videos which are available in the member’s section when you sign up. This program is a lot better for those people who prefer to have visual explanations instead of having to read a lot of text. The videos can be used to pick up the exercise routine as fast as possible without having to spend time reading. After only two months on this program, you can get a few inches extra length on your penis very easily. The other great aspect of Penis Video is that even though it costs 50 bucks, you get over $100 value in other products as well, which is the best bargain out of all the main competitors.

How will penis enlargement exercises enhance and change your life completely?

This is almost a no brainer, but in reality penis enlargement exercises will improve every aspect of your life.

At a personal level, they will give you a larger penis which is longer, thicker and harder. When you are having sex with your partner, you will notice a significant difference as well.

Her moans will be louder and longer and in general the sex will be much better than you have ever had before.

They also have a great effect on you from a self-confidence perspective. Having a longer penis will give you that extra boost to your ego which affects every other part of your life as well.

Increased ego and testosterone makes you a better performer at work, a better family man and a better all round person.

If you’re still looking for a woman, then the penis enlargement exercises will also help you with being more confident around strangers who you are dating.

Soon you will realize how important penis enlargement is to a healthy and happy life with your partner. Your partner will want to know that you have the staying power to be with her all night long and not just give up after a minute and a half or less.

Ejaculation also becomes so much more rewarding. Your semen and sperm will be more voluminous, travel faster and also be able to fly out further from your penis.

This will increase your partner’s sexual happiness level as well, as your hot cum explodes inside her. You have to realize that it only takes just a few months of exercises to get to this position in your abilities.

As you can see, penis enlargement exercises can and have been helping men all over the world overcome embarrassment, fertility and other related male enhancement issues such as sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Impress her with your girth

It also goes without saying that you can impress your lady (or your man if you’re into that sort of thing) unbelievably with your girth.

Just after a few months, your girth will be much thicker, which will mean friction will be increased during sex. And as George Carlin would agree, rough sex is the best sex.

Most of your partners will simply not believe your penis until they see it and even then, they won’t acknowledge or comprehend the size of that thing until it’s deep inside them, plowing them silly.

Try the test yourself!

The best way to try out the test is to simply do it yourself. You will undoubtedly have to try a few different ones to be the most effective, but don’t be like many people are in the world and wait for 10-20 years of your life having bad sex and breaking hearts.

It’s far better to just dive right in and try a few different penis enlargement exercises that work for you so you can get started on increasing your size even more than before.

You might be finding it hard to create the courage you need to find out what you’ve been missing all these years, but the reality is that you can get so much if you’ve waited so long.

Keep in mind that if you wait, then you will have spent the parts of your life with a small penis that you could have had with a longer one.

Why anyone would willfully choose to reduce their own self-confidence, manliness and testosterone levels is a mystery.

It’s true that even if it’s not easy to see on the surface, most men would really like a bigger penis and most women and their partners would agree with them too.

What other problems do men face and how can penis enlargement help for them?

Men are often also faced with fertility issues – not being able to create enough sperm to get her pregnant, not being able to create the right amount of good quality semen that will help the sperm get to the right place and so on.

Also, men suffer from premature ejaculation in quantities that isn’t enough for pregnancy and they also suffer from issues of embarrassment and shame from their condition.

All of these issues can be addressed with penis enlargement. If you have low self-esteem and self-confidence, then a bigger penis will give you a lot more testosterone and good feelings.

Add to this the fact that you can also take supplements that will help increase your penis size and you can really get a lot of testosterone flowing through your system. This will give you the boost and enhancement you need to really get over those fertility issues.

Then, there are men who would like to increase their penis size because it just gives them a better feeling of completeness.

Perhaps they are into some sort of adult entertainment such as porno films and they need to be ready to go all the time, or maybe they just really like pleasing their partners.

In any case, penis enlargement exercises can give you that boost you are missing from your life.

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