Penis Enlargement Exercises for all Men

This exercise is very important, simply because it works.

Penis enlargement can be achieved through different methods, and at different rates in terms of the extra inches added and the time taken, according to the method employed.

Enlargement pills and exercises are commonly used methods, but scientists recommend that exercising is the best method for a long lasting increase in size without endangering health, unlike with penis enlargement pills.

This exercise is good for all men, especially with increased research today that has shed light on the previously assumed dangers that dominated this exercise.

What you should give the most consideration to in this equation is your safety and health because selection of the wrong enlargement method could have fatal effects.

The enlargement exercises have taken this critical activity to a new level, from dangerous penile weights to a safer penis enlargement exercise.

The only shortcoming of the penis enlargement exercise, as compared to the pills and other enlargement method is that it is relatively slow, but the results are very fulfilling and safe.

It has been found that it takes an average man a total of five to ten months of continuous exercise to achieve the desired results. Taking breaks from practicing the exercises has been known to jeopardize the entire process.

So, how do you increase the size of your penis to your desired new size, and permanently? Kegel penis enlargement exercises are the trending natural thing for you, for a harder penis and for better performance in bed.

These exercises improve your sex life in a way you and your partner will not believe. Originally discovered in the 1940s by Dr. Kegel to assist women to tighten their vaginas after delivering babies, it later proved to be of great significance to men who wanted to transform their sexuality for the better by enlarging the size of their penis.

Though not commonly applied because of the not-so instant results, these exercises help to cure other sexual dysfunctions in addition to gradually enlarging the penis.

What is the Kegel exercise? It is different from other methods in that it involves the contraction and the strengthening of the skeletal muscles – the pelvic girdle muscles known as the PC (pubococcygeus muscle).

The exercise involves more than one muscle, the BC and the IC muscles are engaged in a Kegel exercise. The PC muscle is involved in the urinating process. You can find this out by stopping your pee mid-way. The muscle involved here is the PC.

Benefits of this exercise

  • It facilitates the flow of blood into the penile muscles.
  • It gradually increases the size of your penis by increasing blood flow.
  • The exercise maintains the good health of the prostrate.
  • It ensures that the penis is very hard and with increased erection duration.
  • The exercise enhances the volume of ejaculation.
  • It results in powerful orgasms and intensifies ejaculation.

Kegel enhances control over ejaculation, leading to more fulfilling stamina. It does this by building the PC muscle’s strength such that it possesses the ability to withstand the equally strong ejaculation pressure.

How to exercise or kegel

During urination, engage your PC in a contraction and try holding it for as long as you can. You will be surprised at how little time you can hold it for the first time, not even for a good five seconds. Most men can hold the contraction for precisely two seconds when they first try.

That only means that your PC is not in its best form. Your contraction holding time will improve since you can do the Kegel exercise everywhere, regardless of what you are doing.

However, like other muscles such as the triceps and biceps, the PC can be overworked and thus it requires some rest. Thus, when you start Kegeling, do not do it every day of the week, it is recommended you do it for only four days and then rest.

Your Kegel routine should involve 60 Kegels daily, with each lasting about seven to eight seconds, according to the ability of your PC.

With time, your contractions are supposed to improve in strength and duration with more exercises.

You can thereafter increase the number of Kegels in your weekly routine. You can improve on the number of Kegels, since you can incorporate them in all your daily activity.

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