Penis Enlargement Patches – Latest Craze

The latest craze on the penis enlargement market – penis enlargement patches. Yup, you heard it right, patches.

Like the nicotine patch, but with somewhat different effects. But how do the patches differentiate from the pills?

Before you type in your credit card details and buy into the hype, let’s look at the differences between penis enlargement patches and penis enlargement pills so you can make a more educated choice between the two.

Is penis enlargement patch for you – few things to consider

How does the patch work? The ingredients that are contained within the patch get absorbed by the skin and get into your blood system, meaning the patch works through transdermal delivery.

That’s all fine and dandy, however, if it only were that simple. What are you getting with the patch that you are not getting with the penis enlargement pills? To be honest, not much. How so might you ask?

There are no clinical research studies that actually prove that the penis enlargement patches do work. It is a product that is relatively new on the penis enlargement market and even though it is easy to buy into the hype and think you are purchasing a miracle cure, there is no proof that the penis enlargement patches actually work.

Penis enlargement pills, however, have been on the market for quite some time now and there are clinical studies that prove that indeed some penis enlargement pills and supplements have the desired effects of enlarging the penis, in three simple words, they actually work.

Before you charter into the unknown theory, would it not be a safer choice health-wise to go with something that has proven its effectiveness, rather than spending your hard earned cash on something that might or might not work?

Another thing that is debatable when it comes to penis enlargement patches vs the penis enlargement pills is the dosage.

Penis enlargement patch, in theory, should give you the benefit of gradual release of the ingredients into your system, which in turn also, in theory, would mean you are getting the benefit of consistency.

However is there a study that shows that is the case?

So far, that type of study has yet to be undertaken. With penis enlargement pills it is simple, the dosage is completely under your control. You decide how much and when you will ingest.

The whole premise of g, gradual release and consistency is a valid one (even though it has yet to be proven) what happens when you go to the gym or the squash court when you shower or swim?

I will bet you the patch will not stick.

Not entirely anyway, it can only be expected that like with the Band-aid that has been under water or exposed to moisture it would lose some adhesion.

So much like the patch, the theory about the gradual release of the ingredients falls into the water, literally.

Talk about letting your money down the drain. With penis enlargement pills it is irrelevant whether you like to sweat it out in the gym or shower 10 times a day, you take the pill when you feel like it and there is no worry will the ingredients reach your system and in what quantities.

So basically you are getting your money’s worth.

Another matter has to be raised, again no pun intended and that is the possibility of awkward questions.

Now, I feel that this is somewhat delicate matter, however if you do not feel shy, about answering question why exactly the u are wearing a penis enlargement patch, good on you, you are a much better man then I will ever be.

However if you feel it is your, business and your business alone, then you might want to pick penis enlargement pills over penis enlargement patches.

Even if you put the patch on some part of your body that can be covered, if you are an active person chances are someone will notice.

Not to mention your partner might notice it as well, do you really want to explain that one?

If you are a smoker you might get off quite easily, however if you are not With, penis enlargement pills there is no such problem, as mentioned before you take them when you want, hell they can even pass off for vitamins.

Another thing to consider is the fact patches do not really come in variety of shades.

That pinkish color is sadly all the manufacturers could come up with, which is ok if you are somewhat pale and pasty however even then the penis enlargement patch may stick out like a sore thumb.

If you have dark coloring, olive tone skin or you are an African American that patch will be painfully obvious.

Don’t you have enough stress in your life without having to worry or having to explain why exactly you are wearing a patch?

With penis enlargement pills, there is no such hassle. 

Superficial – probably, but also very true. Another thing to consider with summer just around the corner – tan lines.

Oh yes, it might not mean much to everybody, however if you like to spend time in the great outdoors in the summers and you also tan easily, penis enlargement patch will leave a big mark on your skin.

There is always a self tanner that can be applied to the spot to cover it up, however do you really feel like going down that road?

Which one wins – a patch or a pill?

So after taking all of this into consideration, are there any more questions what is a better, not to mention a safer choice? Penis enlargement pills win by a large margin.

Even if you put aside all of those more shall we call them superficial reasons, which are legitimate in their own right, the fact remains, and it is proven that SOME penis enlargement pills work like for example VigRX Plus.

When it comes to penis enlargement patches that has yet to be proven. Not to mention with pills you control the dosage, while patch might work if it does not fall off your skin and lets face it is a real probability, hell a hotter day then usual may result in the patch coming off.

If you are thinking you might be saving some money if you invest in penis enlargement patches that theory does not hold water either.

After a bit of digging around I have come to a conclusion it will cost you about the same.

30 days of penis enlargement patches will have the same effect on your wallet, as will 30 days of penis enlargement pills, it might even cost you a bit more, after all the penis enlargement patches are the latest craze it is to be expected to pay a bit extra for this miracle cure.

But will it have the desired effect where it matters – on your penis? That answer is still unknown.

I have talked about penis enlargement pills in great detail before, however it does not hurt to emphasize the point – some penis enlargement pills do actually work.

Keep in mind penis enlargement pills will not work on its own if you do not combine them with a quality exercise program. Ah yes that old snag.

It is important to remember only a good exercise program in combination with high quality herbal penis enlargement pills will give you the effects that you desire as the pills can compliment the effect of the exercise and make it last longer.

But which herbal penis enlargement pills should you take?

As I have already mentioned there is a wide choice available. The only two pill’s that has been proven to work, not to mention the feedback from all of you has been excellent, on VigRx Plus.. #1 Rated product currently.  important safe.

These company’s actually answers the questions you might have about potential side effects and risks.

And that is always a good sign, as it means they actually mean business.

Things to remember if you are considering penis enlargement pills:

  • Do the research and inform yourself about the products available, there are pills and there are pills that actually work, learn the difference between the two by informing yourself
  • When shopping around for a product, check the ingredients of the penis enlargement pills. If by chance the ingredients are not listed, do you really want to take that pill? I think the answer to that one is obvious.
  • Inform yourself about the possible side effects that the ingredients combined within the penis enlargement pill might have on your health. That is also the case if you are suffering from any type of health condition. Be smart and more importantly be safe.
  • Look for reputable companies and the ones that will answer your questions. Customer service feedback is essential.
  • If a company’s idea of a good marketing and branding consists out of putting a number of pictures of scarcely clad ladies, you might want to consider what are they trying to sell, just the hype or the actual product
  • Consider the price as well, if the product is exceptionally cheap you might want to ask yourself why is that so? You cannot put a price on your health so the cheapest option might not be the best one.

Again, keep all this in mind if you have decided to try the penis enlargement pills.

If you have any doubts about the safety, my advice would be do not take anything that will have negative effects on your health. Keep things in perspective, as I said before your health is the most important thing to remember.

Also, it is important to remember there are no miracles pills or miracle cures. No pill will work on it’s own. Find out about a good penis enlargement exercise program like Erection Fitness, give it a go and then try one of the penis enlargement pills.

You can achieve considerable results with a good penis enlargement exercise program and good herbal penis enlargement supplements can give you that extra kick and compliment the results of the exercise program, by speeding up the effectiveness of the exercises if you are new to the program.

Or in case you have been doing the exercises for some time now and have come to a that stage when you feel you have reached your maximum, the herbal penis enlargement pills can give you that added push to reach a whole new level.

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