Research Insight Into Penis Extenders

penis_exercise_positionHaving been in this field for long, everything that meets my eye is looked upon with curiosity, but with a hint of distrust until I myself find it effective.

I was witness to the introduction of these devices called penis extenders and have seen a high level of interest in them from all quarters.

With my curiosity peaked about all the emails I received from my regular visitors; I decided it was time to put my research cap on.

For those of you who have known me for years, you must be used to my style of research that leaves nothing to imagination.

Months went bye and finally, here’s the truth about penis extenders, the good and the bad!

How do penis extenders work?


Penis enlargement devices work on the concept that some parts of the human anatomy can be stretched and elongated when traction is applied consistently over a long period of time.

These devices exert pressure over the penis, to stretch and increase the size. This continuous pressure breaks down the tissue and the body responds by regenerating new tissue.

The new tissue is larger because of the force exerted on the penis.

Another important result of stretching is the increased blood flow to the penis, which in turn causes permanent cell growth. The spaces formed due to stretching are filled with new cells.

The new tissue and new cells add to the size of the penis.

You would understand it better if you have seen elongated ear lobes or necks.

The ear lobes are extended because of wearing heavy jewelry for years and in some cultures, women wear ornamental neck rings to expand their necks.

The effects from these methods are permanent, but they are achieved through consistently exerting pressure and pulling.

What does the penis extender comprise of?


This device employs the use of a plastic base ring, two metal rods with internal springs, an upper plastic support and a silicon noose that holds the glans in place.

Traction force is exerted continuously on the penis to achieve the desired result. A good penis extender is one that ensures there is no discomfort while sitting, standing or walking.

How can a penis enlargement device help you?

  • The length of the penis is increased both when erect and flaccid.
  • Increased girth both when erect and flaccid.
  • Increased blood flow to the penis resulting in better erections.
  • Increased cell growth.
  • Tissue regeneration, ensuring permanency of the longer penis.
  • It enhances the performance in every way.
  • Increase in length and girth is permanent.

How are penis enlargement devices fitted on the penis?


These penis extenders should be fitted when the penis is flaccid and are usually worn for many hours a day, depending on the need.

As discussed earlier, these devices are based on the traction principle. The device is fitted at both ends of the penis, the root and the head.

Traction is applied by using adjustable calibrated bars that are fit at the root of the penis, while a silicon band slips off the head of the penis.

The amount of force can be adjusted based on the comfort levels of each person.

I suggest you go slow initially, if this is your first time. Check your capacity to handle a certain amount of force, but starting with minimal force. The force can be increased gradually as you get used to it, in a week or two.

Although, some say these devices can be used for up to 9 hours each day, I strongly advice you not to do that. My research shows that 3-4 hours a day is enough for them to do their job.

Now that you know how these enlargement devices work and that they indeed help increase the size of your penis, you must be waiting to get your hands on one.

But finding one among the numerous brands in the market is not an easy task. Based on my research, I’ve found a few good devices that I will talk about here.

My favorite and most recommended penis enlargement device:

What I found is that these extenders when used as part of a complete system work wonders. One such complete package that I actually found to be extremely effective is from ProExtender.



ProExtender System WebsiteProExtender is ISO certified and has been hailed by the medical authorities as the No. 1 device in Europe.

This is developed by doctors who guarantee results.

A good thing about this device is that it is not prohibitive and can be comfortably worn under clothing.

Look at the before and after pictures of people who used ProExtender as well as the unsolicited testimonials from their clients.

The results are unbelievable.

But this is not why I’m recommending it to you. From personal experience, I can say that the results obtained from the use of

ProExtender in a short time are much more than I’ve seen from any other penis enlargement device.

There have been people who have taken up my suggestion and used ProExtender. They got back to me with positive results thanking me for introducing them to this wonderful product.

Well, I didn’t create this device so I cant take credit for that. I’m just recommending it because it works so well that it is certainly worth trying.

This is a great alternative to surgery where you would end up spending thousands of dollars and with all the side effects and discomfort associated with this type of surgery.

There are many independent review sites that have rated ProExtender as No. 1 and rightly so, based on the quality and effectiveness of the product.

What makes ProExtender #1?


The Pro Extender Pro system is all about comfort – a detail that is lacking in many of the penis extenders currently available.

In addition to being lightweight, it employs the exclusive double strap support (DSS) system to provide even more comfort when you are wearing the device.

It is well known that in order to achieve the most gains, your penis stretcher should be worn at least two hours or more at a time.

Many other devices make this difficult due to lack of comfort and/or blood flow restriction to the penis.

The technologically advanced DSS design of Pro Extender  eliminates these issues and can be worn comfortably for hours at a time.

The device is constructed using medical grade, lightweight aluminum and weighs a mere 43 grams, which makes it considerably lighter than other devices while also contributing to the comfort factor.

The company that produces the Pro Extender Pro stands behind their product. They are available 24 hours a day to address any concerns or answer any questions you might have.

There is a lifetime guarantee included with the purchase of your Pro Extender.

They also include a 6 month money back guarantee if you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase within the first few months of purchase.

ProExtender is our #1 choice for anyone considering a penis extender simply because it represents the best value for your money.

It extends up to 13 inches and includes a variety of spare parts at no additional cost. It is definitely worth consideration if you are seeking a true affordable, alternative to expensive and painful surgery.

Customer support and guarantee


The beauty of ProExtender System is that their customer support is excellent and there is a 6 month money back guarantee.

As you very well know, I’m obsessed with customer support and the money-back guarantee, because these are the things that give buyers confidence that if they do not like the product or if they have an issue, it will be handled efficiently.

Here’s what you get when you buy ProExtender:

  • The ProExtender Device
  • VigRx Plus Pills
  • The Penis Video Program which is an award winner
  • Semenax semen enhancement pills
  • There is a guarantee from the company that using ProExtender as specified by them will definitely increase the permanent length and girth of the penis. I found this impressive, as it is rare to see such guarantees from manufacturers and this goes to show how sure they are of their product.

The price may seem on the higher side, but when you actually look at what it offers, you will find that this system is worth spending your hard earned money on.

If you are still in doubt, then there is always the money-back guarantee to fall back on. That should leave you fully secure!



We men know what a larger penis does to our ego and emotional health.

While the sex life is bound to take a positive change, it also enhances life as a whole. You feel complete like never before. Ask me what it did to me!

Having received many emails from people who used this excellent device upon my suggesting it, I advise you to check it out without fail.

You lose nothing, and if you can gain something valuable, why not look into it.

ProExtender was also a part of the Jonathan Ross UK television program recently and was highly appreciated by the guests.

That is not all; there have been several other magazines and men’s magazines that have featured ProExtender.

Records show that the ProExtender System has sold an over one million units throughout the world, and the refund rate is said to be less than 1%, which in itself is a confidence building factor and speaks volumes about the efficacy of the system.

ProExtender, in my books, scored very high in all the categories I reviewed it for performance, customer care, guarantee and value for money.

I sincerely hope that my effort in bringing you the best penis enlargement devices has been successful.

All the time spent on research would be worth it if it can help you find true happiness and satisfaction in life.

If you wish to comment or have anything to say, you can do it here on my site or through an email.



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