The Truth On How To Increase Your Penis Size by 3″


It’s no secret that some guys have all the luck when it comes to women.

Women find them irresistible – and it’s not because of good looks or a well-defined six pack.

There is no denying that women are drawn to and flock to men who possess them.

A woman wants to feel unique

She is intrigued by the way her guy overpowers her with his male charisma, and a well-endowed body is a huge bonus.

Of course, it’s music to the ears to hear your woman say that all she needs is your love.

But the fact is that a bigger penis size is highly satisfying for a woman

Archetypal male is one who can satisfy his woman in every way

But don’t freak out if you don’t belong to that category of men – it is now possible to fit the bill.

All men are different! From skinny and fat to muscular and athletic, you may be short or tall, or you may have big hands and small feet, you may have a huge nose or big ears…. Do those things really matter? The answer will mostly be NO!

But you can’t say the same about your penis

The size of the boobs or the penis is not what makes sex great. To be blunt, the largest sex organ is your brain and not your penis.

Yes, if the penis is very small, there may be performance problems in the bedroom; but then it has to be really small for it to be a major issue!

Oh, we know all that, don’t we?

But we still love big boobs! Then why do we expect our women to adjust to a small sized penis?

I’ve had a man write to me that his girlfriend cheated on him only because of his “lack of stature.” Many women revealed that the best sex they’ve had was with men who have a big one. This shows that the motion in the ocean does not always override the size of the boat.

Knowing that their unit is small also affects the self-esteem in some men. Of course, the penis sizes we see in porn films or magazines that look like an elephant trunks are not realistic.

Penis size does matter in different ways for men and women. Just as women all over are judged for their breast size or their weight and other superficial things, men also get a little insecure about their penis size.

Who wouldn’t want to achieve the status of the alpha male and be more of a filler?

Let’s get down to the brass tacks of penis enlargement

If you are desperate to do something about the size of your penis, you are part of a community that can put all others to shame. The number of people looking at penis enlargement as an option is incredibly huge.

Not surprising at all, considering the amazing physical and emotional benefits of a bigger penis!

Millions of people perform searches on search engines each day looking for information on penis enlargement, including medical and product information.

However, the plethora of information available online raises the issue of credibility of this information, as well as the quality of the products.

Majority of the penis enlargement products are advertised in an almost candy like fashion to attract people to the product.

Are you happy with the size or is penis enlargement the way to go?

If the answer to penis enlargement is YES, you will need to look at the solutions offered, and there are many.

Hundreds of penis enlargement pills are flooding the market with the awakening of mankind to the prospect of penis enlargement. During my research, I have come across several such products.

But first, there are a few precautions you will have to exercise.

Factors to consider before zeroing in on any penis enlargement pills

In all your enthusiasm to turn into a sex stud, it is easy to get carried away and infuse harmful chemicals into the body.

CAUTION has to be exercised with the selection of enlargement pills. Your health is far more important than an elephantine boner.

Beware of those that claim to be magicians. No wand can change things for you overnight. It takes time and effort to see a result.

You will come across different types of penis enlargement pill manufacturers. While some are more humble and promise you an increase in penis size; there are others that go overboard and claim to offer a transformation the likes of which the world has never seen before.

There are so many penis enlargement options available, and this means a whole lot of research has to be done by you before you even begin looking in a single direction.

Are there any penis enlargement pills that do the trick?

Finding pills that offer quality, efficacy and safety is not a laughing matter. You just cannot afford to go wrong in any one department.

Among the hundreds of penis pills in the market, I have found very few that can be trusted to do their job the way they promise to.

I know it’s a meager offering, but the few pills that you see on this website are those that have taken their place here after a whole lot of research, shared user experiences, and safety tests.

It is our readers’ testimonies that have enabled me to arrive at a conclusion and find pills that work on penis enlargement and offer the best results.

Nothing that cannot be good for you will ever enter this space. No endorsement will be done for a product of ill-repute.

Let’s get on with the main section of our website, where we bring you products you can use without worry of what may happen.

We has no relationship with any of the penis enlargement sites we talk about here. Our reviews are independent and solely based on the trust in the products.

We have shortlisted a few penis enlargement pills, based on several criteria.

Starting with the analysis of the quality of ingredients, we ventured to look at the efficiency and results that you will be able to experience.

Everything from the delivery time to customer service and bonuses on offer are taken into consideration.

It is my intention to use my extensive experience in the industry to help you see through the façade that engulfs the penis enlargement industry.

I have seen so many worthless products that if allowed to, I would be screaming scam.

But then, my hands are tied and I have no right to speak about such products; but nobody can stop me from talking about the genuine products and making my recommendations.

Our recommendations for the best penis enlargement pills


VigRx Plus #1

Review Summary

VigRx Plus is at the top of our priority list due to its high level of performance and visible results.

The manufacturers belong to the honest cadre and they have a winner on their hands.

My inbox is filled with experiences of people using these pills and the success rate is amazing at 98%. With users enjoying excellent results, we had to give this penis enlargement pill the shield of honor.

As with any performance oriented product, most users said that the results were slow and the first week of using these pills went by with little or no visible change.

By the third week, they noticed a difference and the penis felt bigger and longer, and they also had firmer erections.

An average gain of 2-3 inches was noticed with the use of VigRx Plus penis pills. While this is the average gain, there have been exceptions where the gain was as much as 3.8 inches.

But these pills have to be taken as per the dosage suggested for optimum results.

VigRx Plus comes with a two month money back guarantee. Even if you are not satisfied, you don’t lose money.

Their refund rate is highly impressive at below 1%, which means not many people return the product. This should instill confidence in the product.

I give my strong recommendation that this product works well and give it a rating of being the #1 penis enlargement product today.

VigRx Plus is a product porn stars rely heavily upon to not just increase the penis size but also to alleviate premature ejaculation problem.

Porn stars who have used this revealed that they have noticed increased sex drive and strength as well as harder and stronger erections with increased semen production.

The beauty of this penis enlargement pill is that the results are PERMANENT. Looking at the efficacy and safety of the product, many doctors also recommend this product to their patients.

The company that produces VigRx Plus offers a live chat customer support 24/7. This makes them accessible at any point of the day or night.

Here are the benefits from VigRx Plus:

VigRx Plus Out rivals all Others – The positive results from VigRx Plus are unique to this product alone and there is no other that comes even close.

Recommended by Doctors – While the medical community is against many of these penis enlargement pills, this is one product that is approved and suggested by doctors.

VigRx Plus’s 67-day Money-Back Guarantee – Their money-back guarantee is based on the confidence in their product and the permanent results.




Natural gain Plus #2

Review Summary

3-2The product I recommend second is Natural Gain Plus . Apart from VigRx Plus, this is the product you should be looking at.

I must say, I was unhappy with their customer support, but the product itself has no flaws. That’s the reason they have a good name in the market despite their dismal support.

Another advantage with this penis enlargement pill is that they have the support of Leading Edge Health, which is known for quality.

The resultant gains from Natural Gain Plus are a little less and it also works slightly slower than VigRx Plus.

Although, a 4-month supply of these pills may be cheaper; I’d suggest you go with a 6-8 month supply, since you may have to use this for 6 months to notice BEST results.


Extenze #3

Review Summary:

1A new product, Extenze is only now making a name for itself in the penis enlargement market.

It is being named as one of the few good pills based on the quality.

Many of our readers bought this product and are extremely satisfied with the results.

However, the customer support is slow in their responses.

The reason I listed Extenze as the 3rd product is because it offers a membership to their customers in ‘Penis Development’ as well as a free penis exercise guide.

Our readers find this offer attractive, because it involves not just pills but exercise as well, which gives an overall great result.


Then why are there people who do not see results from enlargement pills?

That’s an excellent question! Yes, I have received communication from people who have used some penis enlargement products but see no result.

The reasons for this are simple – Buying the wrong penis enlargement product or not following the dosage mentioned or not using the products for long enough to let it work.

You can alleviate most of the issues with VigRx Plus. You have an absolutely perfect product in hand, and you would be tempted to use it for longer than two months as the company offers dollar benefits with long-term offers and there is a money-back guarantee.

However, ensuring you take the proper dosage is entirely dependent on you.

VigRx Plus is a permanent solution to your penis issues and a minimum of 2-3 can be added to the penis length and the girth changes as well.


With all these options for you to choose from and the research done for you, you no longer have to suffer the pain of living with a small penis. You no longer have to worry about the efficacy or the side effects.

We have taken care of everything for you and bring you only products of very high quality that do no harm.

Try these pills and you will find the psychological benefits first followed by physical changes.

I sincerely hope you benefit from my recommendations. I’ve worked hard to ensure you are led in the right direction towards a more fulfilling life.

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